Tech Support and a Burnt Offering

This video made both Margi and me laugh out loud. Check it out.

This weekend at church, we burned our mortgage! I’ll post a video when I can get my hands on it. A big thank you to Kevin Aday, who came out in full fire-fighter’s gear to play the role of Neighborhood Church Fire Chief. Kevin helped out in all four live services. He was covered head to toe. He even wore his face mask and oxygen tent. Picture Darth Vader meets Backdraft. Great effect!

Here’s our mortgage burning:

Burn that Mortgage

I threw a copy of the mortgage into a patio-type fire pit. Then I doused it with good old Kingsford Charcoal Fluid. The audience yelled for more, so shot some more on it.

When I lit the thing, it hardly burned at all! Yes, we tested it before the service. We actually even tried taping flash paper to it, but that didn’t help. I wanted to use brandy. If you’ve ever had saganaki in a Greek restaurant, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a Greek cheese, and when they bring it to the table, the pour on some brandy, light it on fire, and yell, Opa! as it sends a large plume of flame almost to the ceiling. That’s what we wanted, but didn’t get… Here’s a 14 second video of flaming saganaki! Gotta love YouTube!

That’s the effect we were after, but we found out that the brandy had to poured onto an already hot grill, or it wouldn’t work.

Before the service, one of our former black ops team members (who will remain anonymous) gave us a suggestion, but I’m afraid to blog it lest you try it at home. All I’ll say is that it sounded like it would work and it involved a latex based item. But was too scary.

So we went with Kingsford Charcoal Lighter fluid. It worked okay in practice, but it was stinking up the auditorium, so we decided to just go with it.

The big moment came, and it was… ummmm…. a letdown. There was our mortgage burning lamely, until Kevin saved the day. He reached in his gloved hand, picked up the mortgage document, and held it vertically. Suddenly, it poofed into a big flame, and everybody cheered. Lots of pyros in the body of Christ. The church quickly filled with the aroma of lighter fluid. It was our burnt offering.

We followed up with cake that said, “Burn, Baby, Burn!”

Burn Baby Burn Cake

Thanks to Kevin for rescuing the weekend! A big thank you to everybody who paid, prayed, gave, and helped us get about 20 acres and our buildings free and clear. It’s a great tool to reach out with the grace of God. And most of all, thank you God for your faithfulness and grace.

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.


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  1. The guy in that first video is obviously not a father, ’cause if he was he’d have simply called in his child for help. 😉

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