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I recently attended the Mt Hermon Christian Writers Conference. What an incredible weekend at a gorgeous facility. It was overwhelming to meet so many published authors and devoted followers of Jesus. Everybody wanted to make a difference for the kingdom. I learned a lot about writing. It’s waaaaayyy harder than I ever realized. I also learned a lot about publishing… it’s way harder too. The best part was meeting a lot of excellent people. I’ll keep you posted if anything develops on the writing front. Pray for wisdom and excellence for me as I try to write about Bringing Peace to Your Inner Mess.

We had a meeting of fellow bloggers. Here’s the list. I learned so much from these guys. It’s really humbling to be around people who are doing so much cool stuff to teach and encourage others on the internet. Check out these blogs:



  • Actual Unretouched Photo (daily life of a busy mom) and The Amazing Shrinking Mom (same mom, talks about dieting naked–going public with your intentions to lose weight–funny, honest stuff)- Melodee Helms
  • MommyLife (a mother of TWELVE, and a top 100 mommy blog in the country.  Barbara helped me a lot at Mt Hermon)- Barbara Curtis
  • Relevant Blog (with a new book about parenting in postmodern culture, Mary blogs about the life and spirit of mom/writer)- Mary DeMuth
  • (my blog about a perfect pastor and his flawless family)- Bill Giovannetti
  • Christian Work at Home Moms (a place for work at home moms to promote their business, and to receive spiritual encouragement)- Jill Hart
  • Larry’s Bible Blog (comments on Scripture and life from a published author and editor)- Larry Wilson
  • Spaghetti Pie (thoughts and reflects on daily life from a busy wife/mom/author)- Tina Howard
  • Parenting Solo Devotionals (daily devotionals especially written for single parents) and
  • Rebuilding Hackberry (about helping rebuild a town in Louisiana)- Doug Mead
  • Moral Movies (movie picks and reviews from a Christian perspective)- Dean Anderson
  • Exploring Adoption (resources and info for exploring adoption)- Laura Christianson
  • Writebrained (author, editor, and humorist blogs about life and her upcoming wedding)- BJ Hamrick
  • Why didn’t you warn me? (resources and help for small group leaders) and Sometimes I feel like a piece of bologna (the sandwich generation; taking care of our parents as they get older and our kids while they’re still at home. Resources. Reflections)- Pat Sikora
  • Happy Feet (everything about taking good care of your aching feet–more about callouses and fungi than you ever hoped of knowing)- Jon VonHof
  • Goddess Worship (a Christian investigation of goddess worship–stuff about Mary Magdalene & the daVinci Code myth)- Susy Fiory

Thanks to Jill at Christian Work at Home Moms for helping to organize this list.

Pour a cup of coffee, stretch out in the recliner, put a pillow on your lap, and your laptop on the pillow, and check out these blogs!


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