The Case of the Missing Hair

I recently celebrated a birthday. I’m not a fan of it. Celebrating birthdays, I mean. I prefer to fly beneath other people’s birthday radar. Just let me slip silently into my twilight years.

Unless you’d like to send money. That would brighten my day. Or take me bass-fishing.

Yesterday I wore a baseball cap. This very hat, actually: cap-brown.gif

In fact I stopped to chat with the group of delightful people who folds our church program and inserts whatever inserts we have for the weekend. They took one look at me: baseball cap, blue jeans, t-shirt, flannel shirt. They commented, “Wow! It really must be casual Friday.”

You have no idea, I thought. Shaved but unshowered. Keep a safe distance. Fridays I hunker down anyway to work on my sermon. So nobody sees me much.

I got home from work and plopped into an armchair. The delight of my life, my precious 5-year-old-girl, climbed into my lap. She giggled as she removed my cap.

Then she looked concerned. Josie placed a finger on my receding hairline and asked, “Why is your hair missing here?”

Which ranks right up there with, “Daddy why does your stomach stick out?”

Never mind that the answer to both of these questions is HAVING KIDS.


Ouch. So much for slipping silently into the night. Happy Birthday to me.
God uses children to knock all the vanity right out of me.

I’m still trying to decide if that’s grace or not.

On a different note, I’m excited and nervous (always nervous) about the new series of messages starting this weekend. The series is called:

Living Large with O.P.C.*
(*Other People’s Craziness)
Shock Treatment from the Book of Esther

I’ll give you a little preview tomorrow. Here’s the very first sneak peek at our new mascot designed just for this series…


Great job by Wendy Kerr designing a mascot who feels crazy without being Jack Nicholson creepy.

Here are the titles for the first 4 messages:

  1. When they Exploit You
  2. When they Degrade You
  3. When they Manipulate You
  4. When they Intimidate You

You get the idea. Please pray for God to use these messages to give people strength, courage, and a road map to handle other people’s craziness.



4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Hair

  1. Just stumbled onto your site and was enjoying reading this post until…..what is that?! That bug is just WRONG!! LOL luckily I didn’t scream…only a quick gasp! lol

  2. Rindy! Finally somebody commented about the bug! I love that thing. I think it’s hilarious. You’re the first person to comment! So thanks.

  3. I saw the bug, too, but thought it was on my screen. My delay in reading, writing, – due to the time involved in replacing my smashed screen…

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