Margi’s Memo: Some Morons I Met

Margi’s Memo
April 18, 2007
Margi.  A wife, mom, attorney, professor.  Married to a pastor.
All the Gals in our Church
Some Morons I Ran Into

As a parting shot, I called out, “You morons!” Then I hustled my daughter to her ballet class.

The morons in question were total strangers. The event was me rushing to get Josie to ballet on time. The occasion was them stealing my parking spot. The bottom line was how well I represented Jesus Christ. Not very well, I’m afraid.


Downtown Redding is confusing. Josie’s ballet school is downtown. One thing you should know about me is that I am extremely time conscious, or at least I was until I had children. I now understand why people are late.

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