Laugh Attack, pt 2

Ted sent me this link. It’s not my plan to become a YouTube conduit for you, but this stuff is just way too funny.

I don’t even know what language this is, so somebody please tell me if it’s really bad. But I guarantee you’ll laugh out loud. Now you know just how mature I am.

I have a theory why this guy loses it.  What’s your theory?  Leave a comment…


4 thoughts on “Laugh Attack, pt 2

  1. Hi Tom… yep. A high talker. And the guy at the end was a gravelly low talker! That’s what sent him over the edge.

  2. Actually, I think the oscar needs to go to the audience who didn’t crack a grin at all!!! If I were one of the interviewees, I think I would have walked out since I didn’t think what was being said was funny at all…unless this is a total set up…maybe?…??

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