A Big Attaboy for U.S. Airways

I am standing at the baggage claim carousel at Sacramento Airport. I don’t know whether to be hopeful or realistic. Did my suitcase–which had my car keys in it–make it?

If you read theprevious post, you know the story.

I have a black suitcase, like 90% of everybody else. To make it easier to find, I put blue painters tape on both handles.

I am waiting–waiting–waiting…

There it is! Hooray! My suitcase. A big Attaboy to US Airways. They got my suitcase off the airplane in Phoenix, and put it on the Sacramento-bound flight within about a 10 minute window. Thanks guys.

Credit to where credit is due.

I made it home, 2.5 hour drive, alive and well. Thank you, Jesus. I did stop 7 times to nap for 15-20 minutes each time.

I have good angels and a Great God.


One thought on “A Big Attaboy for U.S. Airways

  1. Hey Bill,
    How many times did I come to mind? Not too many I hope. Next time fly United.
    I know I know no other options. I missed seeing you. Love the blogs. Hope your Mom and Dad have better luck tomorrow. Have you heard Lois Peterson is not doing well?
    LOL Cous

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