Bad Candies

Maturity is over-rated.  This video is funny–you’ll laugh out loud at the end, I think.

What do you think is the worst candy ever? Leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “Bad Candies

  1. It seems our taste buds change from the time we’re kids to adults. I used to love those red “peanut patties.” But now they taste to me like eating sugar with a spoon.

    On the other hand, as a kid I could never finish a piece licorice. It’s still not my choice for candy, but my favorite chewing gum is Blackjack. (When I can find it.)

  2. I never liked coffee flavored candy. I like a good cup of coffee (although I had to fake liking hazel nut coffee for a year), but the candy was like eating the grounds.
    I never liked Fan Tan gum. That was like eating a bottle of perfume.
    They used to make these giant Sweet-tarts that were the size of a Salvo tablet. They tasted great but by the time you were halfway through, my mouth would be rubbed raw from the granulated sugar they were made of.
    On the subject of candy, if anyone can get hold of Seinfeld’s routine on candy, do so. It is hilarious. I saw him do it live. It was 20 minutes on the main purpose of childhood–to eat candy and enjoy it forever. You will love it and so will your kids. And don’t worry, there is nothing in it to be embarrassed about. In fact, he made it into a kid’s picture book.

  3. I actually liked hazelnut coffee for a year. Never had Fan Tan gum.

    My favorite candy used to be Reese’s peanut butter cup, then Kit Kats, then Wintergreen Lifesavers.

    My least favorite candies: anything with coconut and/or raisins.

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