Hangin’ with My Son

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“Dad, can we talk about going back to Laser Tag?”

It had been one day since our first time. J.D. was hooked. Instantly. We had gone for Justin’s birthday party, and on the ride home J.D. was asking when he could go again. Seven minutes of running around in a dark, foggy room, shooting laser beams at your dad and friends. What could be better?

jdpics.jpg Yesterday, I wrote about how glad I am to be a daddy to my precious, little girl. I am equally glad to be a daddy to a little boy, my four-year-old wild-man.

For the uninitiated, Laser Tag is played in a fairly dark room. There are flashing lights, fog, ramps, hiding places, and mirrors. Players have a vest with flashing lights on their chest, back, and shoulders. Their laser guns also have flashing lights… red, or blue.

J.D. is committed to blue. [By the way, kudos to Oasis Fun Center for running a clean, safe, reasonably priced place for kids. And the staff was pleasant and helpful both times I’ve gone (in the last three days).] laser2.jpg

Hit your opponent’s flashing lights, and he is deactivated for five seconds. His vest vibrates, and his lights stop flashing. A computer keeps track of every hit.

J.D. loves this game. He runs around shouting, “You’re dead meat!” “I’m going to cream you.” When he scores a hit: “I got you! Ha ha.” Or just, “Hah!”


Next, we moved to the go-karts. Our friend Todd and his son Kole (3.5 yrs) were with us. Since both kids are too small to drive alone, we drove doubled. J.D. kept his hand on the steering wheel and shouted, “Let’s pass ’em! Gotta pass ’em!” Todd and I took turns passing each other. Each time, J.D. yelled, “Got you!” “We did it!” bumperboats.jpg

Then over to bumper boats. Drive around in a swimming pool squirting your opponents into submission. Todd and Kole took the blue boat. J.D. and I the yellow. Big mistake. We had a “high shooter.” It squirted waaaay too high, right over our opponents’ heads! Their squirter was perfect. I was soaked. J.D. ducked into the foot of the boat, laughing the whole time. He was a good sport.

At the end, “Daddy, we got creamed!” Laughter and high fives all around.

My son gets mad if you call him cute or sweet. He’ll yell, “I’m not cute! I’m scary!” Gotta love this kid!


We watched TMNT together, and loved it. He’s into Power Rangers and Scooby Doo. He can find his own games (bookmarked) on the internet, after logging in with the password and launching the web browser for himself. (He’s 4). For the past two months he has saved up enough money to buy a light saber (he broke his first one, and had to pay for this one on his own). Last week, he bought it, with his own money. He takes it everywhere.

“Dad, I want to watch the Star Wars where the lady gets a dart shot in her neck and her head blows up like a pumpkin and Anakin’s hair is long.” Okay, gotta figure out which one that is. The crazy thing is, he knows exactly which one he wants, and can describe it even if he can’t name it.

J.D. is all boy. Charming. Funny. Sweet. Great sense of humor. Really smart. A smile that lights up the room. Look out, girls! Whoever said that boys and girls aren’t different is–to quote the Three Stooges–“a maroon!”

My son and daughter each touch my heart in a different way. J.D. brings out the kid in me. He’s a party waiting to happen. I’m glad I’m his daddy. Thanks, God, for both a boy and a girl.


One thought on “Hangin’ with My Son

  1. I remember when my son who is 6 dropped a “cephalothorax” observation on me…and was right. I’ve lost many more discussions than I’m willing to face regarding God’s creatures. Our son started out watching Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and National Geo at an early age…and now we pay the price. My youngest is 3…and I remember the day I turned around and he had a 3-foot snake in his hand of unknown type. It looked rattlesnake-esque.
    I had no idea I was capable of making that kind of noise. He thought it was rope. Gotta love boys…

    Even when you have two kids of the same gender though…they couldn’t be more oppposite…

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