Once again, the creative minds at ThinkGeek have come up with a brilliant product. You may remember them for the Annoy-a-tron, which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Now, they’ve outdone themselves.

The clocky is an alarm clock. But not just any alarm clock. It’s a robotic alarm clock.aquaclocky2.jpg

It’s an alarm clock with wheels. And it’s built to withstand a 3-foot drop from a night stand…

Why would you want that? you ask. Oh, watch this video, and you’ll be hooked.

When the alarm goes off, Clocky rolls off the night stand, drops onto the floor, and starts rolling away from the sleeper. You can’t just reach over and hit snooze. Clocky forces you out of bed. You have to chase him around until you catch him.

Think of the applications.

There are the obvious uses: a sleepy-headed child who needs to get ready for school, a partying college student who can’t afford to miss another class, a professional who needs to show up on time.

But what about some not-so-obvious uses?

preacher repent I can use it while I preach, to make sure I don’t go too long. When I’ve reached my time limit, Clocky rolls off the pulpit, drops onto the floor, and starts rolling around the stage. As I chase him, I simultaneously deliver the benediction, The Holy Spirit, of course, guides his journey. The screeching alarm has the added benefit of awakening slumbering church-goers without embarrassment. I get home to my family a littler earlier. And the church is delivered from another over-long sermon. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Or give one to your boss for your next departmental meeting. Think how much fun you’ll have waiting for that magical moment when Clocky brightens everyone’s day.

Thanks, ThinkGeek. I feel at one with you guys.


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  1. BGG,
    Wow! I visited your (very cool) blog, and you truly are a major geek. 🙂 Microbiology, infectious diseases, and Clocky. What can I say? Thanks for checking in with my lowly blog.
    Hey everybody, click on BGG’s initials above, and visit her blog.

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