Refuge @ Our Place

I am still working on Eternal Security, pt. 3. I’ll clarify a couple of verses that are used to argue against eternal security. But it’s Monday, my day off, and my brain just isn’t up for it today. So tomorrow, okay?


I met some great people from our young adult ministry (Refuge). We had them over Sunday night. Most of them attend The Well, one of our services at Neighborhood Church. They get the message I preach on video (a video venue). So in talking with Todd Skinner, the campus pastor for the Well, we thought it would be a great way to get to know some of these guys if we had them over a couple of times. Over 40 people showed up.

They called it, Chill with Bill.  Except it was 111 degrees outside.

Some highlights:


  • A cutthroat game of Jenga that started with me vs. Brian, and then spread out. A cute little kid accidentally knocked over the blocks.  Twice. Good times.
  • Nate cooked some great Polish sausages. Jessica’s grandmother, Jewell, gave us a delicious, Chicagoan-approved, homemade pizza which we reluctantly shared with our guests.
  • Swimming. It was over 111 degrees outside. Yikes! The pool was a comfortable 87.
  • Erica found a puppy on her way to our house, and brought it with her. Hope somebody responsible claims it. Really cute little guy.
  • Best part of all was just getting to talk to some new friends and have a great evening

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2 thoughts on “Refuge @ Our Place

  1. Kid “accidently” bumped it the first time. 2nd time it was straight up Kung-Fu like Jenga had insulted his entire family tree. The Jenga never saw him coming. very ninja like

  2. Really wish that Lauren and I could have been there, we were trying to beat the heat in Portland. It worked, but I missed hanging out with you and the gang.

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