Madman, by Tracy Groot.

madman1.jpgIf gripping, powerful and moving historical fiction grabs you, you’ll love Madman. The book tells the fictional back-story of the demon possessed man who lived in the tombs back in Jesus’ day. You know, the man whose demons called their name “Legion, for we are many.” You can read it in Mark 5:1-20.

Let me get some disclaimers out of the way:

  1. The book has some really creepy demonic parts. Just a couple, but they’re there. Not gratuitous or manipulative at all. They ring true. Not for the faint of heart.
  2. Some of the allusions to Roman/Greek civilization might be a touch confusing. But do NOT let that stop you from reading this book.

The good…

The author does a great job of making life in Jesus’ day real. It’s like you’re right there with real people. You like them and begin to root for them. You also feel their struggles as they seek meaning and satisfaction in their lives.

The story revolves around a mystery: what happened to a university? Its teachers all disappeared. Solving the mystery draws the characters into the life of Kardus, the madman of the tombs.

If you’ve never read this story in the Bible, you might want to stop now. A plot spoiler is coming. Here it is: As you know, Jesus delivers the madman from demons. I wondered throughout the whole book how the author would pull it off. She surprised me. All I can say is it was masterful. Sensitive. Not preachy. Powerful. Okay, I’m man enough to admit it: it made me cry. Please don’t quote me on that.

I say get Madman by Tracy Groot, and read it. It’s the kind of book that sticks with you. Makes you sensitive to people who don’t have Christ. Gives some new angles on an old story. It gives you a lot to think about for a long time.  And it stays true to the Word. Props, dog, to Moody Press and Andy McGuire (the editor) for bringing us an excellent read.

Tracy left me wanting more. And loving Jesus more. A hard combination to beat.

Click here to visit Tracy Groot’s website.  

If you live in Redding, please get your copy at the Redding Christian Supply, across from the main post office on Churn Creek. We need a Christian bookstore in town, and I encourage you to support this one. I’m not affiliated with it, though the owners come to my church.

Otherwise, please click here. If you buy it thru me, Amazon gives me a kickback (4%–it goes up if I sell alot)… and all of it will go to a special fundraiser at my church called “The Latte Factor.”


2 thoughts on “Madman

  1. Hi Bill,
    I found you through a Google alert on my wife’s book. I just wanted to mention that Madman was just awarded a Christy Award ( for excellence in Christian fiction. She’s also working on her next novel, the story of Jonah (you know, disobedient guy spewed from whale) and I’m sure will be juicy (or maybe slimy is a better description).

    Jack Groot

    PS, if you want to see a video interview on the book go to, or for her other books.

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