Vroom! Vroom!

shastaraceway.jpgGo 34! Go!

J.D. and I cheered for our randomly selected favorite car at the auto races last night. What a blast! Earlier in the day a radio show offered free tickets to anybody who called for them. I called and scored.

The Shasta Raceway Park is a 3/4 mile oval track. Cars race most Saturday nights from April through October. This was my first time ever at an auto race. I loved it. So did my four year old son. It was a real treat to not be at church on a Saturday, and to release my INNER REDNECK with my son.



We sat right behind the guy with the flags. I’m sure he has a real name, but I don’t know what it is. We stood up, and I taught JD how to hold his cap over his heart for the National Anthem. I sang the whole thing. I wish more people would sing the national anthem at sporting events.late_models2a.jpg

Then the races started right way. The first couple of races were smaller cars. Then bigger cars. Eight laps. About 2-3 minutes per race.

JD picked out which car to cheer for… he usually picked the coolest looking one, or the one in post position. We won 5 out of 7 races.

pic-0046.jpgOne minor accident: a yellow car hit the wall, and the driver must have jammed his arm into the steering wheel. The red flag came out, and so did an ambulance and a tow truck. A ten minute delay.

We had Sierra Mist (like Sprite), M&M’s, and a cherry snowcone. We also bought two checkered flags: one for JD and one for Josie (who didn’t want to come).

One negative: it was really hot, about 102 degrees, which is typical for Redding. Andpic-0042.jpg the whole stadium faced the sunset. From 6:30 till almost 7:45, the sun beat down on us mercilessly. I wonder why they didn’t build the stands facing the other way? We’d be in comfortable shade all evening.

modifieds_medium.jpgI wanted to stay, but JD was fading fast. He was already tired when we got there, and the sun didn’t help. After an hour, he asked if we could go home. I learned a good lesson: next time, I’ll arrive at 8:00. They save the best races for last, and the sun will drop behind the mountains.

His timing was good: the red flag came out again, so the ambulance could cross the track, and come to the stands. I guess somebody up in the stands needed help. I figure at least a 20 minute stop. We took our cue and left.

Still though, we had a great time. There were lots of people, a clean stadium, and very cool cars. A nice family event. And, for me, the price was right. Thanks KQMS.



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  1. The go-kart races in Red Bluff’s Tehama fairgrounds are also a lot of fun; those occur during the off-season for those racers at Shasta Raceway during the winter months. Tickets are somewhere around $15 if I remember correctly.

  2. The grandstands were built when it was a horse track and the racing was in the afternoon. The sun was then behind them.

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