Back to School Blues

lilredschool1.jpgMonday was JD’s first day in pre-kindergarten; today is Josie’s first day in first grade. We have the blues. Especially Margi. For the first time, the house will be empty of kids during the morning (pre-K lets out at 11:30). Margi especially misses the kids. I do to.

Yesterday we dressed up JD in his first-day-at-school-ever clothes, and hustled out the door promptly at 8:01. School starts at 8:30 (we thought) and we wanted to stop for a donut-treat on the way. A special reward for being a good boy on his way to school. I know, sugar isn’t good for learning… but it’s pre-K for crying out loud.

We arrived at 8:25 at school… to a virtually empty parking lot.

You should know that I always get a kick on time-change Sunday’s when I’m preaching and people show up an hour early or late looking completely baffled. It’s hilarious, in Christian love.

absentminded.jpgYou should also know that when Margi and I take personality tests, we both score as professor types. In fact, my profile description says, “If anyone is qualified to be an absentminded professor it is this profile.” Underline absentminded. I can’t help myself. I come by it honestly.

I left Margi and JD in the car, and cooly walked into the empty building. JD’s teacher was preparing her classroom. I said a cordial good morning, giving no indication that I was completely baffled–where were all the kids?

I asked what time the kids were supposed to come today… 10:00.

I smiled like I already new that and said good bye. How come every other parent in the school got that memo except us? Hmmmm. Must be a conspiracy.

carcart.jpgJD likes the car-racing kid shopping carts at Lowe’s. Margi had shopping to do at Safeway. Luckily, they’re right next door to each other.

An hour and a half later, we were back for a highly successful first day of pre-K.

We’re not flaky. Just really, really prompt.