Move over, please…

stryper.jpgHere’s a picture of me and our pastoral staff.

On Friday’s I knock myself out working on my weekend message. I work on it all week, but Friday is a focus day for me… No meetings. No appointments other than God and his Word. Same on Saturday afternoons.

But I’m taking a mental break for two statements and one request:

STATEMENT 1: Thank you to everybody who pitches in week after week at Neighborhood Church. Kids, prayer, venues, worship, youth, audio, ushering, greeting, janitorial, iGroups, mission… we wouldn’t have our impact without you. So thank you so much. I couldn’t do what I do (teach & preach) if you didn’t do what you do. We truly are a body. Last week we had 2 people at our Weaverville Oupost and 7 people at our 10:45 indicate they received Jesus. God is working. Excellent!

STATEMENT 2: We’re out of room, especially at 10:45. Sooooo… hey, if you can move from 10:45 to Saturday (5:30) or to 9:00… or even better to the Well or Classic, you’d free up space. Even our Video Cafe (overflow) was packed last weekend. We’re excited, but it makes me nervous. If we added enough people to equally fill up every service and venue, guess how many people that would mean: only about 300. That’s it… and then we’re truly out of space…. And that doesn’t even factor in that our kid ministry space is full… so that leads to my request…


First, though, here’s another picture of our pastors in a staff meeting.


REQUEST 1: PRAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! Please for God’s guidance and money for our next steps to expand. We don’t make the church grow… only God does. Our job is to be faithful; to be ready to love and embrace every person God sends our way. It will take prayer and lots of sacrificial giving. Are you ready? I hope so… I am. Like an old time missionary often said, “Much prayer, much power.”


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  1. WOW! What a great problem to have! Who knows? Maybe you were made pastor there for such a time as this? We’re proud/jealous and wishing we were there….

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