Woe is I (me?)

eeyore2.jpgI haven’t blogged for a few days because of a catastrophic computer failure.  It feels like I lost my wallet.  Wounded.  Broken.  When the computer technician told me I should have backed up, I told him that he shouldn’t preach that sermon when the wounds are fresh.

The bad news:  I didn’t back up.

The good news:  For the first time in months, I actually printed out my sermon before Saturday.  Usually I wait till just before the service to print it out, so I can tinker with it till the last minute.  But this past weekend, I had already printed it out, so when my  computer crashed, I didn’t have the added stress of trying to reconstruct my sermon notes.  THANK YOU, GOD.  Awfully merciful of you.

The worst news:  all our family pictures since our 4 year old son was born (including his birth pictures) are on that hard drive… and haven’t yet been recovered.  OUCH.  I think Margi still loves me, though.

harddisk.jpgThe best news:   a) God is still on his throne.  b) I have my computer back.  So, I’ll be back blogging in full force.

Oh… we didn’t recover my Bible software, so I’ll be limping along with internet stuff for a while.

“God works all things together for the good of those who love him…” Rom 8:28


9 thoughts on “Woe is I (me?)

  1. oh man………i’ve been there……..what a sinking feeling! just reading your entry bill, knots my stomach. sure, there are lots worse things but…….it’s like a mini house fire.


  2. My sympathies! Sure wondered which black hole into which you fell…

    When my computer crashed, I was so greatly relieved to recover not only all our pictures, but all my overly-stuffed email files and internet “favorites.” I’m so grateful for Rom 8:28 for which I would totally give up if it weren’t there!! God is indeed interested intently in the majors as well as the tinest minors which encompass our lives. (I think I’d classify computer crashes as “minors,” but I know that’s debatable!) Printing your semon notes unusually beforehand is a “major” in my opinion.

    So glad you’re back blogging in full force!

  3. I HATE when that happens. It’s happened to me a few times.

    I now backup my photos online to my Flickr account. Well, as much as possible anyway. I also have copies of them on my iMac, my laptop, and on my ex-wife’s computer.

    Software, however, isn’t backed up.

  4. Bill, It happened on our business Mac and an angel (club member) did something miraculous to get all our info back. Let me know if you would like his contact info.

  5. Ode to Mac…

    I have a friend…call him Mac
    Who spends all his time talking smack
    But he’ll still trash your data
    And he’s all “See you later…”
    Them bits and bytes ain’t comin’ back

    Sorry! Windows has a System Recovery that’s saved my life a couple times. And an external hard drive with a recovery utility is always a good idea. Mine backs up every Friday night. You should probably back up nightly, overnight. Our other computers….we usually burn a dvd of the My Documents folder every one in a while…to copy all the pictures. Funny though, we have boxes of pics of kid #1, and very few pics of Kid #2. It’s commendable that you even had pics of JD. But now, you’re in the same boat as we are!

  6. Ha, ha, Bob.

    James… after disk recovery by a professional, the disk completely crashed. Today another pro has it to try to get some more data. The ultimate ($$$$$) solution is to repair the disk (very specialized disk recovery stuff).

    But, God knows….

    I just wish he’d tell Margi! 🙂

  7. make sure you invest in OS X 10.5 (Time Machine), a large external hard drive, and a new airport extreme so that you can wirelessly archive your lappy’s hard drive every night without ever touching a button so as to ensure the protection of your invaluable files of various kinds

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