Before I Preach… I Panic…

preacher repentAnybody who wants to understand a preacher’s weekend should read this article by veteran preacher, Walter Wangerin Jr. (click here)

It’ll help explain why any preacher who’s really INVESTED in his or her message isn’t very “chatty” before the sermon. And why that’s the worst possible time to bring up problems in the church or discuss the volume of the music or ask for counseling. Great article.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I’m sure this pre-sermon panic doesn’t just afflict preachers. How about a lawyer before closing arguments? or teacher before a major presentation? or an architect or engineer who has to submit a bid? or a student before a presentation? Our trials are “common to mankind” (1 Cor 10:13).

lockerrm2.jpgBefore I preach, I feel like a fighter in the locker room. Focused. Jittery. Trying to contain myself. Calm myself. I make an effort to be gracious and available (as time permits… I’m usually running to get to the next service)… but please know that deep inside, I’m not all there.

But you already suspected that.

Just a confession.


2 thoughts on “Before I Preach… I Panic…

  1. Well said. You’d think doing something as “easy” as doing announcements would be exempt for these gut retching (ok, wrenching too) episodes. I can’t imagine (nor want to) what it be like before a 45 minute sermon. Tums are on me.

  2. Confession is good for the soul – most of the time! Hopefully RNC will be informed and cooperative.

    The most I say to our beloved pastor before Sunday sermons is “Good morning!”

    I think the Pre-sermon jitters is absolutely necessary for you because if you felt rock-solid confident, you may be preaching in your own power and we both know that’s not God’s perfect best! Jitters brings you to a point of need to be empowered by the Spirit to use you mightily! Go for it, dear pastor G!! Enjoy!

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