I Can’t Help Myself

I would like to show this video before I preach. How about voting on it? Even if you don’t come to my church.  So leave a comment with your vote!  Thanks.


16 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Myself

  1. Hmmm, The Dark Side vs. Grace I vote for the Dark Side. I love it. It be a great poster in the lobby too.

  2. As a regular at church….I love it….Can you explain why people come to church and then sit and talk all through the sermon? To be honest it truly baffles me.

  3. Some annoying technicalities: I wouldn’t describe “church service” as a “show.” Where does drinking coffee in the coffee house apply to “No eating or drinking”?

    Sorry about my annoying habit of noticing the fine details. Cells phones are terribly distruptive in a church service – I have “sinned” as well a few times. However, my intent is to try and remember to turn mine off or mute it. In one instance, I was informed of a death in the family, thus I felt justified in having a disruptive cell phone.

    It’s rude to talk whenever there is a “lecture” going on anywhere. However, I agree today there seems to be a sense of entitlement to the “right” to express oneself whenever, wherever…

    Given the levity in Dr. G’s sense of humor, I vote to bring it on, Darth! With him policing the services, there would be less disruption.

  4. i don’t understand how it would be applicable beyond the surface message of respectful behavior in a setting? maybe you’re trying to illustrate motivation by fear? coercing instead of dialogue? i realize it’s suppose to be humorous but the context is chilling. yeow…….

  5. Ah, come on everybody!! We all need to learn to LAUGH more!! This is a hysterical illustration for the rudeness (selfishness) of people who can use cell phones at others’ expense.
    (I love you, Rick!!!) Good to have you join in this blog bedlam (sorry, Dr. G). – ((about calling this blog bedlam….)) (((Are you mad at me???))) ((((I love you too!))))

  6. LOL! Absolutely… show it. It’s perfect!!! I LOVE IT!

    It will get a good laugh from regulars and visitors. I like Erich’s idea…we can tweak it a little for posters in all the services.

    Go for it!

  7. I don’t attend NCC (live out of state) – but listen in to your sermons every week. If this was played at our (WI) church, my hubby and I would be in hysterics (in the best of ways)!

    That being said, we’re kidless 30-something Star Wars fans… My guess is that you’ll get mostly positive comments here because you’ve deemed it ‘cool’ by placing it on your blog. People instinctively want to agree with you (the pastor).

    A chunk of your congregation (perhaps seasoned folk and those with young kids) might not be so appreciative – but (for the reason cited above) it’s far less likely they’ll comment here to let you know. Instead, you’ll hear about it afterward. 😉 Kudos to Rick for his honesty… but, Bill – I still say ‘go for it!!’ 🙂

  8. I guess I’m a little dense. Is this a not so subtle way of saying “turn off the cell phones”? Or do you have another message in mind?

    I certainly find it annoying in any gathering where the polite thing to do is to turn it off or at least put it on vibrate of something. But I think that it’s only a symptom of a lack of manners in daily life. I’m all for Darth frankly. Or the Darth version of Emily Post.

    Daily I am nearly run over or into or otherwise scared out of my skin by drivers who think they can drive, talk on their phone and drink coffee (and in one case smoke a cigarette) all at the same time. So bad manners aside in church, I can only say that I have proof daily of God’s protection.

    Play the video (it is very very funny and satisfying) but my guess is the people you wish to target won’t get it.

  9. I’m going to give it a thumbs down, but it’s funny. I think we should show funny videos more often.

    To the point; Cell phones are here to stay, and one video isn’t going to swing the tide. If helpful reminders really worked, no ones cell phones would go off in movie theaters; yet they do. As for me, I hate the ATT or Cingular reminders at the movie theaters, its just plain annoying. It reminds me of behavior modification; face it, the more cell phones going off in the service the better, to me it means the sac-religious, irreverent, untrained, not so nice people probably came to service that day.

  10. Woo_Hoo YES!! Power to the People! The people who have been taught some manners and know a little something about common courtesy. Fear? Hmmm? I would think if fear were the point they could have the scary matrix dudes stand at each corner of the church sermon hall and when a cell phone went off woud taser the person and we would all clap on the way out or sing “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE.” Really though… as siskel and ebert would say “2 enthusiatic thumbs up!!” The best way to administer critique in my opinion is by gently nudging them with good humor. I suspect the ones that would be offended just told on themselves.

  11. As a “seasoned” Star Wars fan, I say sure. Of course, everyone will laugh and no one will take it seriously. I can’t guarantee that no one will take offense, but it seems to fit you, Bill, and us, NCR.

    Last time I was disturbed by someone talking all through the service, I realized that she was translating!

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