The Passion (Suffering) of Christ…

A friend just sent this video… and it moved me to tears. So, I’m sharing it for you. Not for the kids (it has scenes from the Passion of the Christ)… All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!


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  1. loved the message in this video, but was quite perturbed/disgusted by the movie, or more of the controversial aspects surrounding it, the ‘who’, the ‘why’. with it’s concentration on the suffering of christ (at least one persons version), the brutality… was sensationalist and the message of christs’ teaching applicable for today seemed very overshadowed. i wish it had been both a vehicle for his life affirming and life style philosophy and of an empty cross than the occupied cross.

  2. I echo “THANK YOU, JESUS!” as well. If only the world could understand we all are doomed to die for our transgressions, but Christ chose to do it for us!! What love! What a salvation is ours!!

    My one (among a few) criticisms of the “Passion of the Christ” was just the touch of news of the resurrection of Christ. It was there, but very fleeting. Of course, Gibson was only presenting the “passion” of the Christ and not the whole of the salvation story. However, I’m sure we have a sugar-coated vision of what actually took place then. The film does depict just how awful crucifiction can be. Even though it doesn’t appeal to our senses, I’m glad it was made to take some of our rose-colored glasses off.

  3. Rick,

    I have to say I loved all the things you say you hated about the movie. When I saw it I was still producing porn, but I was so moved by what Jesus is believed to have suffered because he loved us.

    I was with my fiancée, who was my partner in porn production, when we watched it. At the time I did not believe the Bible, but I did think Jesus was a man who BELIEVED he was God’s son (I didn’t think he really was at the time). I told her, “I love that story. This man loved humanity so much he allowed himself to be put through all of that in order to try to save us all. That is a beautiful story.”

    I think people all over the world must have felt the same way, regardless of their religious beliefs.

  4. donny….really?! for one, i can’t say i ‘hated’ the movie, but it was in it’s disproportionality (if that is a word), concentrating on the suffering. the ‘who’ part, the mel gibson aspect and what was at the time the unconfirmed but highly suspicious nature of his alleged racism (since shown to be true). the common thread of violence in his films, sometimes ‘righteous’ violence, his promoting of ‘might making right’ and returning evil for evil as a way of setting things right, not to mention the politics of his strain of catholicism (and he would likely say that you donny, as he did of his wife in an interview, she being presbyterian or something not of his faith, that she would be going to hell), and of his using the evangelical community to promote his work, his not listening to concerns by those in judaism. to some i may sound picky, having sour grapes, but i am trying to understand and take in the larger picture. i was just so sad at mr gibsons use, as in his many other violent films, of gratuitous violence and gore. i’m not saying what he depicted was untrue or inaccurate but here is an example. let’s say you make a film about the plains indians attacking settlers, really concentrating on the violence and mutilation…..heck, that happened, but is it a responsible film? context……. if you don’t show, or not even imply the atrocities done to the indians besides the fact that their land and homes and game were being destroyed, that genocide was in fact being done to them, that the scale of deprivation was overwhelmingly on the indians side…….. what i’m saying is that in the passion of the christ, the major imports of his life and teaching and ressurection, were basically lost. i think the fact that in most protestant churches ‘the cross is empty’ is an example of what i am saying.

    the example (not just the fact) that christ gave to us in his passion was truly beautiful and if we could follow his lead in loving our enemies, turning the other cheek, displaying to whomever might witness the love of god towards those who are missing the mark……then if we can get that out of mr gibson’s movie, then fantastic!

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