Pray for My Dad, Please

Many readers and friends around the country know my dad, Roy.  Today he gave the green light for a major surgery next Thursday, Oct 11.  He will have a tumor removed from his tongue. It’s a major event with a long recovery.  We are praying and trusting God for the best outcome:  total recovery and many more years of health.

I’m proud of my dad for his courage, determination, and strength.  I love him dearly; he’s a fantastic dad and family man and friend and a great guy… and we all want him around for a many years to come.  This is probably his biggest personal test yet, and giving the okay for the surgery was a major decision.

If you’d like to leave some words of encouragement or a prayer for my dad, Roy, I know he (and I and our family) would really appreciate it.  Please remember him in your prayers next Thursday.

Thanks.  Bill for our whole family.


9 thoughts on “Pray for My Dad, Please

  1. We will join you in prayer for your dad for a successful surgery, quick healing, and as little pain as possible. I’m so glad God is the Great Physician and we DO have confidence in Him!! Lots of love to you all!

  2. Dear Heavenly FATHER we lift Roy up to you for the surgery that he will be going through next Thursday. We ask that you would guide the doctors hands and make this surgery successful. Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” We commit Roy to you for his safety and a successful surgery in your Son Jesus’ Name. Amen!!!

  3. I’m praying God is working miracles in every detail of the surgery (pre, during and post)!!!

    Roy will be in my prayers on Oct. 11 to our precious, loving and all-sufficient Savior.

  4. Dear Bill , Roy and family,

    I will be praying for you . I pray Philippians 4: 6-7 over you so that all anxiety will be overcome by the peace of God in your hearts as we all offer up our requests for your healing ,surgery and recovery to God. In Jesus’ name.

  5. Roy,

    We are sorry you have to go through this. We will pray for a successful surgery and recovery for you.

  6. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for the courage you’ve given Roy to make the decision to go forward with this surgery.

    Lord, I pray that you will meet Roy in this decision by giving him, and his family, a peace that goes far beyond the circumstance. You are the God of healing and medicine and surgery… and amazing comfort and peace for your kids. Nothing is beyond your reach. There is no miracle you cannot perform, nothing you cannot do. No eleventh hour rescue you cannot accomplish.

    In his surgery and recovery process, please surround Roy so that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that You know ALL. You are beside him, You are strong to save. And, in You, all is well.

    We love you and thank you for working through the prayers of this, the church – Your bride. We trust you. And we will continue to contend on Roy’s behalf.

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