Today’s Dad upDate

Thank you to everybody who’s leaving comments for my dad.  He really enjoys receiving them.  Keep it up.  I received this email about my dad this morning from my cousin, Bob V.  Keep praying!

Roy’s pain threshold is not that of a normal male. As long as I’ve been working with him and all the procedures I’ve witnessed him to go thru, I’ve have never seen him once in disruptive pain. What He experiences is discomfort . I’ve learned over the years to watch his body language to tell me where he’s uncomfortable and then pay attention to that area. Time and time again, he has proven this trait is real and not just a macho, tough guy act. He has a extremely high threshold for pain and confuses many a professional care giver.

    This trait still amazes me almost everyday so I put this in my 

                        THANK GOD ! column……….


If you’d live to leave an encouragement below, great.  I email them to him.  Sorry, can’t email him links or e-cards–he doesn’t have internet.  Just access to text email.