Bury Daylight Savings

babyyawn.jpegSaturday we fell back an hour.

My kids still haven’t gotten the memo. How do you change a child’s body clock? Every day, one or the other or both, have gotten up all perky and happy at 5:15 a.m.

Did you know that neither Arizona nor Indiana participate in this insane ritual of adding/subtracting an hour? Part of me wants to move there just so I never have to change my clock again.

clock.jpegA study says that Daylight Savings Time (DST) royally messes with our lives. It’s scientific; it must be true! It’s even hard to read, like this:

Our data indicate that the human circadian system does not adjust to DST and that its seasonal adaptation to the changing photoperiods is disrupted by the introduction of summer time. This disruption may extend to other aspects of seasonal biology of human. [Kanterman, et. al., click here for more compelling reading like this!]


Even the government of wise, wise, Kazakhstan has recognized the silliness of this ritual and cancelled it. Why oh why can’t our leaders be more Kazakhstanianistic? Every study on circadian rhythms only shows how much sleep disruption messes with you.

crowing.jpegAlsooooooo, did you know that the USA is virtually the only industrialized nation to torment our society with the biennial insanity?

Why? I’ll tell you why. Lucre. That’s why.

  • 7-Eleven stores were said to make an extra $5 million per day of DST.
  • Golf courses get an extra $200-300 million annually.
  • A 0.7% reduction in traffic fatalities saves a few bucks for the insurance industry.

But I ask you, is it worth it? Is it worth people coming late/early to church and being so embarrassed? Is it worth forcing yourself to stay up an extra hour or to lose that hour? Is it worth finally getting yourself all adjusted, only to have to adjust again? fatigue.jpegPlease. Who can fix this. Can California opt out? Where do I sign? Can we start a movement? Are you with me? or are you with me?


16 thoughts on “Bury Daylight Savings

  1. yep, it’s the money…..indiana doesn’t because of the percentage of farmers and even though they don’t vote, the amish……..in other states most amish don’t adjust their clocks anyway.

  2. As an outdoor photographer I can tell you I much prefer shooting a sunset at 7:30 rather than 6:30…it’s the difference in waking up at 4am and 5am.

    I depise the DST.

  3. Sorry, you guys, I kinda liked getting an extra hour of sleep this past Saturday night!

    HOWEVER, let me know next spring when we “spring forward” and I’d like to sign up then!!!

  4. sorry bill, but as of april 2, 2006, indiana now observes dst with the rest of the country with the exception of arizona and hawaii….i suggest that moving to arizona would be the better choice since march brings spring training! indiana btw did not make the transition easily….18 counties use central dst and the rest use eastern dst. and btw dear V…indiana is a very nice place to live and grow up….the people there are a bit strange but very nice. 🙂

  5. Bill,

    Did you really write, “A 0.7% reduction in traffic fatalities saves a few bucks for the insurance industry.”? That’s callous.

    I’m with you, Jean. Falling back is easy.

    I would prefer that we change clocks Saturday morning instead of Sunday, though. I suspect it would be less disruptive.

  6. Janet,
    It’s not callous, though I could see how you’d conclude that. It’s cynical, because I don’t believe it. I don’t believe the statistic. It is offset by workplace injuries and fatalities due to a) tiredness; and b) people driving home in night. It is also a statistically insignificant number; using a different set of research methods would have yielded different results–perhaps showing an increase. I just don’t buy the rationale or that particular datum.

  7. I just glanced at the Kanterman article – gag! Did you notice the authors were from Germany and The Netherlands? They probably don’t even have DST in their countries – too much time on their hands…(I’m just ranting – don’t have any knowledge about my supposition.)

    It’s my understanding statistics can be “tweaked” to “prove” almost anything.

  8. Jean,
    Yeah, they’re Europeans. But the gist of the article is biological. That human biology actually adapts to the changing amounts of daylight and that these seasonal adaptations are actually healthy for us and when we mess with them–thank you Ben Franklin–we mess with our own health.

    I say AMEN.


  9. Hello, dear Con – growing up in Indiana, you would know far better than I; I only spent 5 years there (college + 1). My Taylor years were precious. And, yes, the people were very nice… and they ‘warshed’ their clothes, and their ‘lawns needed mowed’, they only drank SODA (not pop), and they didn’t at all appreciate college student pranks like cow-tipping. I literally meant that BILL (with his love of fine grammar and spelling – and cow-tipping? :-)) would likely not want to live there… (But then again, MinnesOta/WI might be just as bad with our long O’s and ‘duck duck gray duck’). 😉

    As for the time change. All I know is the dogs are wet-nosing us for breakfast at 4:30 AM now. Not nice.

  10. OK, you get a pass on callous. But people driving home at night? That’s a problem with Standard Time, not Daylight Savings Time. Of course the problem is increased when it’s suddenly, rather than gradually, dark at 5:00. There are a few places in the world that are 1/2 hour off Standard Time–they probably avoid DST.
    In Ethiopia, now, sunrise is around 12:00 AM; noon is 6:00 (the sixth hour), and sunset is 12:00 PM. It’s too close to the equator for Daylight Savings Time to make sense. Iraq, further north in the same time zone, observes DST.

  11. My father was born in Indiana, as well as my mother, so I must say I think Hoosiers are pretty special people. We loved to visit our grandparents there when we were little people. However, my dad had the good sense to fall in love with California to the blessing of his three children who were reared here (in CA). I’ll be eternally grateful! He retired in Indiana (cheaper living he thought) until he, again, had the good sense to come back home to California. He could endure the stifling humidity in summer, the cold, snowy winters, but never did get over his disgust for chiggers They LOVED him, but he never could reciprocate.

  12. I forgot to add: one of my father’s uncles made an entire steer into bologna and hotdogs. Another one also allowed a mud wasp to join his chickens in the living room. Said, “They aren’t hurtin’ nothin’.” An aunt used her oven to store her pots and pans ALWAYS. Gotta love those Hoosiers! When it came to love and loyalty for the family, you couldn’t beat them anywhere! My grampa was the sweetest guy ever!

  13. As a former resident of Arizona and a Hoosier by birth!! (amen!) I would like to point out that the vast majority of IN (if not the whole state) does now participate in DST, springing forward and falling back with the rest of us… AZ is the lone holdout… and, most people just can’t handle 120 degrees in the shade…

    Bill, I may be moving to Redding soon (to attend Simpson (my dad teaches there))… I hope to check out “The Neighborhood” when I get there…

    God Bless!!


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