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slackerjack1-ans3.jpgI used to THINK that blogging was only for people who have waaaayy too much time on their hands.

Now I KNOW it. What are you doing here? Get back to work, slacker! Go do something productive. Sleep even. Actually, lest you accuse me of sloughing off on work time, I’ve been at this since 4:30 this morning, and nobody owns that time but me. And occasionally my kids or wife. And regularly God. Oh, and my dog, Jesse, whined to go out a few times… so he owns that time slot a little. But not my day job. I slack off in other ways there. (Can they hear me snoring through my office door?)


Actually, I’ve come to realize that blogging is for people with a passion to communicate. Hence, I’ve been communicating since I was a little kid, and nobody’s figured out a way to shut me up yet. Preaching. Now blogging. Teaching/professoring. Articles published (look for my latest in Focus on the Family, Jan ’08–2,000,000 readers! Yikes!). Devotionals (for men in Stand Firm!). A couple of book proposals that any wise editorial team would jump on with eagerness and lucrative delight.

computer_nerd.jpegWhy? I am stoked and excited and passionate about that point where the deep truths of Scripture intersect with the deep realities of human psychology… and how Grace becomes the catalyst to turn us into WWJD people. Okay. Enough preaching already.

I’d like to recommend a few blogs that I’ve just added to my list (blogroll) on the right. These bloggers all have a couple qualities in common: they all love to communicate, they have something important to say, and they are all authors (or like me, wannabe authors) represented by the same literary agency. Many have published lots and lots of great books. I’ll leave links to them under the category Great Authors on the right below.

Since you have loads of spare time on your hands, how about clicking on a few links and checking out their sites. Add the ones you like to your favorites… and leave a few fun comments.

Latayne C. Scott
Author interacts on leaving Mormonism, accessible theology, and “cult fiction”

Cult Fiction
Reviews of fiction books dealing with cults, especially Mormonism.

Reflection on theological issues

365 Reasons Why I Won’t Return to Mormonism
Seasoned ex-members of the LDS church reflect on their decisions to leave.
Life, grace and theology from a perfect pastor and his flawless family.

Lindiwe’s Friends
Writing for African children affected by HIV

Minutes Before Six
Wrestling With Life From Texas’ Death Row

Girls & God
Real faith…real life

The View From Here
Jeanne Damoff

Splash of inspiration
Faith and love with Latin flair.

Boomer Babes Rock
Where fun, fashion, food, family and faith merge to empower and inspire boomer women all around the world

Real Teen Faith
Helping teens stengthen their relationships with God.

Dare to Believe
Daring to believe that Christ is relevant in today’s world.

It’s Real Life
Honor the Past, Embrace the Future

Generation Next Parents
Parenting advice for Gen-Xers

Prayer Stories
To help others see that prayer works and how prayer works.

Camy’s Loft
Romance with a kick of wasabi



7 thoughts on “New Blogging Friends

  1. Bill,
    You started nurturing my soul when I was nine years old in Awana club. We continued our relationship with “doing lunch” at TEDS (as you spoke into my life in powerful ways), then planting a church in Chicago (which played a huge role in discipling my wife Beth and preparing me to plant V-FCC) and now via the internet you continue to nurture my soul.

    Your life reflects a consistent message of grace.

    I thank God for you more than you know.


  2. These Mormon sites are going to be great for me in the heart of Mormon country. I need to learn all I can.

  3. Mike–yeah, that blog should be a big help. I’m sending it to a friend who’s been witnessing to a mormon.

    Vince–I love you, buddy. Miss you too. And the blessing has been mutual. Hugs to Beth.


  4. i just viewed the documentary “sicko”……has anyone seen it? especially valuable are the ‘extras’ on the dvd. very christian ideas are brought forth in this movie….ok, ok……’liberal’, but is that a bad thing? unless you have viewed it, please don’t slam it or michael moore, but address what is addressed.

  5. there is a lot of what would jesus do in it…….and the more general idea of how we are complicit in justice issues on a societal level. how there is the worship of profit. what are the implications of thinking in terms of ‘me’ in contrast to ‘we’? i see in our society so much rationalization of actions based on business and profit and capitalism, which, in a worldly sense i can say, ok so what?, but when the christian community gets involved and views the rightness and wrongness of actions using the profit filter, then…….then i get interested.

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