The Hammer Guy

Watch closely… most people just say “wow.” If you don’t say wow, then, did you see him hammer in the nail? If that didn’t wow you, or at least make you say, “cool” or “huh” then you’re too tough for me.

P.S. Please pray for my (and, okay, Margi’s) health. I plan to preach this weekend, but my cough has scraped up my throat and it hurts to talk, and the prospects of preaching 4 services are daunting. Pray for healing. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “The Hammer Guy

  1. Get the “Throat Coat” tea at Safeway. You will need to make sure to have it properly seeped. One directed serving is good for about four hours. This tea should help you preach for 4 services so long as you are drinking it before each service, but make sure you take the necessary potty breaks!

  2. Yep, I saw him hammer the nail into the beam. That’s why I said “triple WOW!” Also why I thought he had way too much time “in” his hands!!

    It impressed my pea-brain as well. I can’t nail straight with just ONE hammer!
    Let alone trying to juggle three.

    I will be praying your throat will heal properly and you’ll have full voice on Saturday. My brothers sure missed you last Saturday but thought the video was excellent and right on time! We raced into and out of Redding during the week, so didn’t have an opportunity to visit again. Sob!

  3. I have worked in construction all of my life and I have never seen ANYTHING like this guy, anywhere. I’ve got to take my hardhat off to him. I would try it myself but I think this is one of those; “Kids, don’t try this at home…” things.
    He should be on Letterman’s “Stupid Human Tricks” segment.
    I’m not sure how useful it is but it sure is fun to watch.
    Did I mention…WOW!!!

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