Jury Duty Follow-Up

juryduty.gifI was not chosen for jury duty.  Whew!  Dodged a close one.  But I have to give kudos to the Shasta County courthouse and juror coordinators.  About 250 people showed up in a span of 20 minutes for jury duty.  The lines were long.  We waited at the security checkpoint.  Then we waited in a very long line in the jury room.  But the lines kept moving.  We never stood still.  At the front of the line, the check-in personnel were very pleasant and polite.
Then we crammed into the jury room–every seat was taken.   Two videos and then a lot of waiting… while watching CNN on the very small big screens.

The jury coordinator did a good job of telling us when she expected to hear from us.

Plus, the jury room had free internet access!  So I could do stuff while I was waiting.  Actually, throughout the day I visited from friends from church:  Marguerite, Franklin, and Kyle to name a few.

jury-duty.jpegAs  the day wore on, jurors were taken in groups of 50 to various courtrooms.  My name wasn’t called.  The crowd thinned out and we could breath a little.  I went home on the lunch break and had leftover Fasolini’s pizza.  Back to jury duty.

More groups of 50 were taken; by God’s Providence, I remained with the last group in the jury room.  The unwanted.

The most impressive moment of the day happened at the end.  Judge Monica (I don’t know the spelling of her last name) joined us in the jury room and explained why two trials were canceled that day.  She didn’t have to do that and the jury room expressed our appreciation by applauding.  She expressed how diligent the court is at valuing our time and pressing the attorneys to finish pretrial motions and get to trial.  Then she thanked us.

“This completes your jury service for a year.”




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  1. It is nice to know that I was not the only person called for jury duty this week. I was called for duty in Kane county (for you Californians, this is the far western suburbs of Chicago). Unlike Cook County, they treated the prospective jurors well. They had coffee and doughnuts, lunch for the jurors and a really great attitude. I was not selected, as I was turned down by the defense I actually may let the county how surprised I was at how we were treated.

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