Cool Music

Check out this music machine…

Thanks to Teena for sending me this one.

Yes, apparently it’s animated, though there’s a debate.  Even if it is animated, it’s still cool.  And even those who say it’s animated also say there’s a real one out there somewhere.  All in all, very fun stuff.


6 thoughts on “Cool Music

  1. I wanna get one, I wanna get one, I wanna get one!!

    I gotta think that making the “video”; animated, CG or whatever, must have taken more work than creating the actual music.

    I’ll probably watch it about a hundred more times and show it to everybody I know (both of them)…kinda like I did with the Man Cold and the Hammer Guy.

    I still ask people if I sent them “The Man Cold”?

    “Yeah, four times, knock it off!

  2. I have to admit that when I saw this clip a year ago, I was totally impressed and thought it was REAL! Had to send it to my engineer brother…

    ‘Twas a little disappointing to know it was animated, but again, kinda impossible in real life to get those little balls to hit those strings just right…

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