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books.jpgI can’t prove it, but I’ve been told that almost 50% of Americans dream of writing a book. I believe it and I’m one of them.

God has opened some doors for me to write, and I’m excited. I’m also excited to be represented by a fantastic agent, Janet Kobobel Grant, of Books and Such Literary Agency. Janet and her team represent some of America’s best writers, so I’m in waaay over my head. You can check out some of their blogs below…

Threads of God’s Grace Woven through Time
God’s grace revealed through historical fiction

When Worlds Collide


Christians in the Arts
LeAnne Miller

Giving Hope… Changing the Story
Jan Kern, writer for teens, young adults, and those who care about them

Latayne C. Scott
Author interacts on leaving Mormonism, accessible theology, and “cult

Cult Fiction
Reviews of fiction books dealing with cults, especially Mormonism.
Latayne C. Scott

Reflection on theological issues
Latayne C. Scott

365 Reasons Why I Won’t Return to Mormonism
Seasoned ex-members of the LDS church reflect on their decisions to leave.
Latayne C. Scott

The life of a perfect pastor and his flawless family

Lindiwe’s Friends
Writing for African children affected by HIV

Minutes Before Six
Wrestling With Life From Texas’ Death Row

Girls & God
Real faith…real life

The View From Here
Jeanne Damoff

Splash of inspiration
Faith and love with Latin flair.

Boomer Babes Rock
Where fun, fashion, food, family and faith merge to empower and
inspire boomer women all around the world

Real Teen Faith
Helping teens stengthen their relationships with God.

Dare to Believe
Daring to believe that Christ is relevant in today’s world.

It’s Real Life
Honor the Past, Embrace the Future

Generation Next Parents
Parenting advice for Gen-Xers

Prayer Stories
To help others see that prayer works and how prayer works.

Camy’s Loft
Romance with a kick of wasabi

Lindiwe’s Friends
Writing for African children affected by HIV

Girls & God
Real faith…real life

Splash of Inspiration
Faith and love with Latin flair.

Christian Writers Marketplace
Market news and views for the Christian writer.

Unveiling Truth Through Fiction

Helping families create a spiritual legacy

Mesu Loves Him
Eternal Life’s Love

Heavy topics with a light touch

Book Reviews
Virginia “Ginny” Smith

Stories That Stick
Your life is a collection of your stories…

Mother Inferior
Encouraging Moms–and Other Groovy Chicks

BJ Hamrick
Real Life, Real Lessons, Real Laughs

Dobsons 411
Hanging on for the ultimate ride—God’s great adventure.


One thought on “Writers Who Blog

  1. Bill,

    Wishing you the best.

    I was not sure if you were aware on “Print–on–Demand” (POD) publishing. If you have a minute, please see http://booksandtales.com/pod/index.php

    Essentially, you pay $500+ to publish you book (through any number of publishers on the website cited, above), and you book is made “available” through the on-line websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders as a normal full-blown book that you write & design.

    As a new author, it may be next to impossible (literally) to get your first book on “brick and mortar” bookshelves around the country–that is, unless, you pay “saftig” or hefty fees to hard-copy publishers and book agents. If your book does not fly, then at least the publishers and book agents have not lost any money, since you paid them fees in advance.

    Do you remember the time that we had to use travel agents to buy airline tickets…? Today the Internet provides “leverage” — thus there is no need for travel agents. We buy our tickets on-line — that is, at least I do. While I would use a broker for investment banking — I would not presume “to save a buck” by investing at the seat of my pants on-line — I would still consider the DIY (do–it–yourself) approach to publishing, which is POD.

    If your book cuts muster in the very competitive market of book publishing, remember:–your POD book may be printed in mass quantities and distributed (under the classic model of publishing). However, as a first-time writer (publishing his first book), the POD approach may save you money, since you will not be paying the middle-man. READ: cash flow.

    Remember — no matter how you decide to move forward, your POD book will be just as available to anyone in the world (through the on-line stores of Amazon, Borders, and B&N) as if you had used a broker.

    Bottom line–recommend you consider the POD approach… Write another article in “Christianity Today” (take a chapter from your book, say)… and let the world know (through your church and blog) that you have an innovative approach & understanding to the Old Adamic Nature–that is, how this “Dirty Mess” finds its death in the New Covenant, or circumcision of heart… based on the life provided by the bodily sacrifice of the Second Adam… which is why we call our salvation “born again”… Etc.

    Best of luck to you, in any case…


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