My Absence Note

collarbone.jpegSorry for not blogging this week. I’m back. My son’s broken collar bone has set us on our heels at a very busy time. His prognosis is great. It will just take some time. I’d been chasing the kids around the house to tickle them before I left for work. I wanted to help burn some energy as they neared the end of a week off from school.

We’d been playing for about 5 minutes when it happened. I chased him down a hallway and he turned. I should say tried to turn. His cornering capabilities were not as good as he imagined. I watched in slow-motion as my precious five-year old turned, slipped, fell sideways, and crashed shoulder-first into the wall.

His face registered pain, confusion and panic. So did his screams. “It really hurts, dad. It hurts bad.”

Every parent knows that heavy feeling that settles on your spirit when your kid is hurt.

waitingcrowd.jpegI rushed to the emergency room, not knowing if it was a break or a dislocation (a family trait). The first ER was packed with families with the flu. I waited 20 minutes and left. I called the other ER in town, and they were packed too. No comment–see how good I’m being?

We ended up at a local walk-in facility with their own x-ray equipment. They took us right away, and an orthopedic surgeon from our church turns out to work there (though he was on vacation).

The right clavicle is completely snapped in half, with jagged ends overlapping. It looks like a broken pencil on the x-ray.

emergency.jpegBottom line: right arm in a sling for about a month. Lump on the shoulder to form at the break, rambunctious kid on lock-down till the bone begins to knit, parents grateful to God it wasn’t worse and nearing the brink of insanity.

Anyway, I’m back to regular blogging.


  1. My dad, Roy. Completed surgery, chemo and radiation for a tumor on his tongue. Half his tongue is a flap of skin from his leg. Staying strong. Beginning healing. Waiting for swelling to subside for dental work to begin.
  2. Inner Mess book. Coming along. Writing in my spare time. Nearing the end of the rough draft. Deadline: March 31. Pray. I am really excited at the prospects of getting out the message of a grace-based approach to the flesh and sanctification.
  3. Mt Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference. Third weekend in March. I’m looking forward to it this time–less pressure with a contract in hand. This time my goal is to place several magazine articles to help get the word out about the Inner Mess book.
  4. Church. Blessed, growing, fruitful, busy. We’re embarking on a final decision about whether or not to build a new auditorium, etc. Final push for prayer, seeking God’s will, townhall meetings, and a board retreat in April to make the final call. Big times. Jury’s out. Pray.

Next posting: The Spirituality of Jesus, part 2.


3 thoughts on “My Absence Note

  1. Welcome back, Dr. G. I sure have missed you, but it seems you had good reasons to be absent. Sure am praying your son heals quickly! My three-year-old broke his arm at Disneyland…and we think we’re giving our kids a great time….

    I’ve spent two weeks with a “man cold” and grumbled the whole time!

    Prayers are always with you, your family, and your church! Exciting times.

  2. Prayers for your son. It sucks when the little ones are hurt.

    I am excited about your book! I can’t wait to read it!

    I have missed your blog as well and am glad you are back.

    I can’t wait to see where you and the board lead our church. I have enjoyed the What’s Next Lord? stuff. I have been praying alot for our growth.

    Enjoy Weaverville this weekend!

  3. “And the question on all our minds is will your son be out for the remainder of the pro lazer tag season? Without his eagle eye and quick trigger finger, will the Redding Raiders be sunk? This and more at eleven!”

    Hope the youngin’ heals up well and Godspeed with the writing.

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