Happy Easter

woepic.jpg“Never forget that Jesus Christ was a man born into King David’s family and that he was raised from the dead. This is the Good News I preach.” 2Ti 2:8.

If you’re in the Redding, CA area, I’d like to invite you to join our Easter Worship services.  We will not be in our regular location.  Here are the details:

  • Date:  Sunday, March 23.  Sorry, no Saturday service this weekend.
  • Place:  The Redding Convention Center (seats 2,000!) (click here for a map)
  • Times:  9:00 and 11:00 a.m.  (2 identical services)
  • Childcare:  A special program for kids thru kindergarten on the lower level.  Kids older than that will join their parents in the auditorium;  we’ll have an activity pack for each one.
  • Dress: casual.  Whatever makes you comfortable. We’re happy however you come, just join us.

I’ll be preaching the last message in a series called:

Woe to You?  Silencing the Voices that Crush Your Spirit.

It’s based on Matt. 23 and the day Jesus really nailed the Pharisees.  I hope to see you there; BRING A FRIEND!  Join us to worship our risen Jesus!  And if you can’t make it here, I hope you can join a church in your area.


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I’m awaiting the birth of our seventh grambaby so more than likely will not be able to “take off” for Easter Sunday services this year. However, having a new baby born on Easter Sunday would be so cooooooollll….

    I’d love to join Neighborhood to celebrate the Resurrection of our precious Lord and Saviour! Rejoice! He IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED!!

    XOXOXOX to you all!

  2. Happy bday, Dr. G!! Looks like we’re NOT going to have an Easter baby after all. Momma is still sitting around quite large and together!

    Happy bday bg too!!! (At least I think I know who is in the know….)
    What a very great day to have a bday, except Easter does change from year to year….that might be an interesting thing to know just how Dr. G manages to have his birthdays on Easter every year.

  3. Folks,

    I also heard a rumor that Bill’s identical twin brother — initials “BG” — also has a birthday on Easter as well… (smile) 🙂


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