Easter and Our Church

The air was electric at Neighborhood Church this Easter Sunday. Over 3,000 people filled the Redding Convention Center (twice!).

Here we are on the evening news (I’m in a salmon colored shirt outside, and then again preaching).


  • A powerful worship time led by our new Worship Pastor, Jon Lepinski. Jon has an anointing to bring people together in worship. We received awesome comments from all ages–young and old.
  • The two musical highlights: the Choir leading us in “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” and a solo/with choir & band, led by Jon, called “What a Day.” That song talks about that day we meet Jesus. It gave me goose bumps.
  • Two different Redding Convention Center employees commented to two different people from our church that we were the most organized, clean, and purposeful groups ever to use the convention center. That was really important to us, because our testimony in the community is so important. It also showed the fantastic job our team did: kid’s ministry, ushers, greeters, worship, info table, choir, band, technical, audio, video… Everybody rose to the occasion.
  • The focus was on the Resurrection of Jesus. And how his resurrection frees us from the “tyranny of performance.”
  • I’ll put up more pictures and links as soon as I get them.

Here are some emails we received:

  • It was an awesome morning, and you all had it planned to perfection! If there was any problem, it did not show. What a great bunch of leaders we have at Neighborhood church. We are so encouraged and blessed to know all of you.
  • I loved your Easter Message. I grew up in a similar church background and I think one of my Inner Mess personas loves to whisper to me that I haven’t done enough/am not good enough and it’s my fault too. Anyway the visual of my sins being shredded was very uplifting.
  • Sunday’s Easter Worship services were Glorious.
    Glorious in that Christ was lifted up! Our guests were elated with what they heard and saw that morning.
    As a traditional couple in our 60’s, we are open to music of all types.
    Our personal preference is Southern Gospel or traditional church music, as well as any other that
    points us toward Jesus.
    We are deliriously happy with your leadership in worship.

My sermon was based on Matt 23 and was the 4th in a series upliftingly called “Woe to You? Silencing the Voices that Crush Your Spirit.”

I’ll post a link when it’s available. I used a prop–I won’t give it away–all I can say is it didn’t work. For some strange reason, our church loves it when stuff I do doesn’t work. Just like God, right?

Here’s the link for the Easter Sermons online…


5 thoughts on “Easter and Our Church

  1. Awesome! I am so glad, Bill, to hear about what happened with you guys and miss you all. Go team! Erich actually does good on TV…perhaps moonlighting as a weatherman is in his future?

  2. Bill,

    Great report about what’s happening in Redding. In January you gave some numbers on how many decisions had been made at the church in the last few years. It would be great if you could give similar numbers for the Easter holiday. In fact, every MG reader should let everyone else know what’s happening at the churches they represent. I’ll start it off. Our pastor told us today that on Easter Sunday here at Hope Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV, 54 people made decisions to accept Christ. It was really encouraging to hear that and thought others would like the news, also. So, let the rest of us know what’s going on elsewhere.

  3. We loved the Easter service but the next weeks the bulletin announced that you are starting to have a dance in the sanctuary on Sunday nights. We feel that this is not appropriate. We don’t have a problem with dancing as long as they are dancing with their own spouse. If they will be dancing with people other than their own spouse and especially doing it in God’s house we don’t think that will be pleasing to God or a good testimony to the unsaved. (Please don’t put this in the wood chipper. HA!)

  4. Rich… Thanks… I read on your blog that you guys had a great service too. We miss you guys and hope everything is going really well for you.

    Matt… we didn’t do that kind of “altar call” on Easter, but there was a lot of response afterwards; the kind we really can’t tally.

    Diana & Paul… don’t worry, the chipper’s broken. The shredder, however, is another matter… 🙂


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