Every Child Has Two Faces…

Those of you who know me know that I don’t talk like this, but our Easter services were truly blessed and God showed up in great ways.  But I’ll hold off blogging about it till I can get some pictures, and maybe some video, to go with it.

mansofa.jpegToday, I’m thinking about the extremes of love.  God invented an incomparable mechanism to both test and enhance true love.  We call that mechanism “having kids.”  Last night, my son (age 5) decided to get up at 2:22 a.m., thinking it was morning.  I brought him into the living room and let him lay down on the little sofa (loveseat) so he would go back to sleep and not wake up mom and sis.  I stretched out on the big sofa.

He didn’t sleep.  Neither did I.  I finally got up, grabbed my computer, and wrote.  He shifted around and kept snorting his  snot into his head.  Finally, I suggested he go back upstairs, to his bed, and I would snuggle with him.   This worked.  He slept till 7:30, a record for him (he’s usually up around 6:00).

I however, got maybe another hour of fitful sleep.  I adore my kids.  They wear me out.

Dan Lance, one of the pastors at the Stirring, posted the two faces of his daughter on his blog.  He gave me permission to re-post them here.  He called the second picture, “better than birth control.”

It’s all about love…love never fails.




One thought on “Every Child Has Two Faces…

  1. It is truly amazing how those little darlings can turn into the monster of the year in a heartbeat! You are so right that parenthood is the ultimate love challenge.

    BUT, let me encourage you to realize these darlings/monsters do grow up into the most amazing adults (if they have been nurtured/admonished properly) who will bring the best return on your buck imaginable – well worth the sleepless nights, the brain challenges, the heartaches, as well as the purest of joys and pride of accomplishments. It’s the best “job” EVER!!

    Glad to hear Easter was terrific. Can’t wait to see the words and video! Praise God!

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