Sunday’s Sermon

This past Sunday, as part of our missionary conference, I preached a story about an African missionary named George Grenfell.  I find his story to be one of the most inspiring, amazing, humbling stories I’ve ever heard. You can hear the message by clicking here.

Here are some cool coincidences [Providences] surrounding this sermon:

  1. I have a 100 year old biography of this missionary.  Several years ago, I ordered it from a used bookshop in England.  It is very special to me, and it really fires up my spirit.   In preparation for this weekend’s sermon, I wanted to research my book a little more but couldn’t find it.  I was sad, but knew that I would have never lent that book out.  I searched all over my bookshelves at home and at work… no success.  I sent an email to all our pastors to see if I had lent out the book to any of them.  No success.  I was bummed out.  Friday morning, at 5:00, I woke up praying, “Lord, please help me find my book.”  Immediately, the Lord whispered to my heart/mind/psyche/spirit: “Judy T– has your book.”  When I got to the office, I called Judy, a woman in our church who has just celebrated her 80th birthday.  She said, “Bill, I was thinking of you this morning.  I have your book here, and I was just looking at it.”  I had lent it to her almost a year ago…
  2. No one I’ve ever spoken to before has heard of George Grenfell.  I kind of felt responsible for keeping his story alive, because it is so remarkable.  Today, Josh Thompson, our campus pastor for the Weaverville Outpost, was watching a missionary video.  It is a short video of the history of Christian & Missionary Alliance world missions.  Back in the 1800’s, our first group of missionaries was sent to Africa.  The video explains why:  a Baptist missionary named GEORGE GRENFELL had been pleading for missionaries to come to Africa.  I just saw that video today, and had to fight back the tears because Josh was in the room…
  3. This summer, I’m going to Africa.  Josh showed me on the map that Grenfell’s story happened about 30 miles from where I’ll be.
  4. I just found out that Kessinger Publishing just REPRINTED GRENFELL’S 1909 biography!  Go buy it!  Click here… I don’t make anything, but if you want your spirit stirred, go buy it!  In fact, they just re-released the book on Feb 1, 2008.  I think that’s God’s way of getting you to read this biography, don’t you?




One thought on “Sunday’s Sermon

  1. It’s just all those little, weird things that happen too perfectly to just be coincidence, isn’t it? I get charged up too! I KNOW God is our God of big things, but when I see Him working out all those little, seemingly insignificant details so very well indeed, I can’t help but get all excited!

    (Of course, it’s all those “little” things that make up the great big ones that work together so well too.)

    Where are you going in Africa? We want to go to Uganda!

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