Pray for Hammy…

That’s Hammy, the Hamster, Josie’s new pet. We have a situation. She loves the tawny little fur ball, and we woke up this morning to discover him MISSING. Somebody–whose name I won’t disclose–left his cage unlatched, and now he’s hiding somewhere. Josie’s still asleep. We’re searching high and low. Pray for Hammy! Or we’re going to have a very broken-hearted little girl.

I’ll keep you posted as the situation unfolds (click on “Comments” below).


11 thoughts on “Pray for Hammy…

  1. The Hunt For Hammy…
    The Timeline

    6:03 a.m. Dad comes into the family room and finds the cage empty.
    6:04 a.m. Dad brews a pot of coffee.
    6:05 a.m. The hunt for Hammy begins
    6:12 a.m. Mom joins the hunt for Hammy.
    6:19 a.m. Tearing apart the sofas
    6:32 a.m. Clearing out the nearby storage closet

    … to be continued

  2. The Hunt for Hammy…
    The timeline

    6:45 a.m. Dad pours himself a cup of coffee and checks the Internet for advice
    6:48 a.m. The internet says it can take days and weeks
    6:52 a.m. The grim search resumes

  3. The Hunt for Hammy…
    The Timeline…

    6:54 a.m. Dad searches a closet. Mom searches a closet. Kids still sleeping
    7:01 a.m. Using flashlights to search under the grandfather clock, etc.
    7:12 a.m. Hammy runs under the gigantic built-in refrigerator.

  4. The Hunt for Hammy…
    The Timeline…

    7:15 a.m. We’ve establisthed a perimeter of boxes around the fridge (see photo above).
    7:16 a.m. We’ve put his open cage inside the perimeter.
    7:16 a.m. We put his food dish on the floor by the cage.
    7:16 a.m. We wait.

  5. The Hunt for Hammy…
    The Timeline…

    7:20 a.m. Josie wakes up! She is upset at first, but is calm now.
    7:24 a.m. A near miss! Hammy was eating, and we launched a simultaneous movement: Margi blocked the fridge with a piece of cardboard while I lunged to grab him. Outwitted. Margi blames me, but it was nobody’s fault. Hammy returns to his sanctuary beneath the fridge.
    7:27 a.m. Waiting.
    7:27 a.m. Notice from Margi… he’s out again… he’s in again… he’s out again. Waiting.

  6. The Hunt for Hammy…
    The Timeline…

    7:30 a.m. We’re going in. I approach from the right with a piece of cardboard. Margi from the left, also with cardboard. We move fast. In a deft move trap him between his cage and the perimeter boxes. Margi comes at him with her hand in a pinching maneuver from the rear. We have him! WE HAVE HAMMY! HAMMY IS HOME, safely ensconced in his cage. Thank God.

    And so begins another day, another week, in our household. Oh… we’re looking at puppies this afternoon. J.D. earned it. God help us.

  7. My GF’s hamster escaped and was found a whole WEEK later. She (the hamster “Eva,” not my GF) crawled out into the living room, very skinny but no worse for wear, where she was snatched up to safety.

    We promptly fed her granola and grapes.

    …and the people rejoiced.

  8. ” Oh… we’re looking at puppies this afternoon.”

    Well deserved, unwavering commitment and excellent character, you should be proud!

  9. Congratulations! Not an easy task. My boys had hamsters. We bought one and a week later I opened the cage to clean the nest and, alas, it was full of little worms. Well, the little worms were actually baby hamsters. The little girl we purchased gave birth. We raised them and then sold them back to the pet shop, all except for the little girl.

    At night, the boys in bed, lights dimmed, watching television and out of the corner of the eye – movement. With a locked cage, with a clothes pin holding the door shut, that little girl would squeeze out of the cage and have the run of the house. She’d always go back to the cage–we’d open the door when we found her missing!

    So, this may be only the beginning for you!

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