Popcorn, Day One

Call me crazy, call me Dad.  But I joined my wife in caving in to my son’s pleading eyes when he asked that age-old question, “Mom and Dad, can I have a puppy?”

Welcome, Popcorn.  A tiny, whitish, whispy-haired furball, pictures later.  My son named him.  And to see him jump with joy, and to see the smile on his face as he held him, made the next 12 years or so of work and expense worth it.  I’m positive.  Really.  It’s worth it.  For sure.  No doubts.

Popcorn is a 3 or 4 pound, 12-week old Malshi.  He is considered a “designer breed” which is Greek for “a mixed-breed mutt that we used to have to give away but now can charge ridiculous prices for because it’s designer.”

He’s cute.  A total lap dog.  In fact, he’s sitting in my lap and resting his tiny-head, with his even tinier brain–on my arm as I type.  He’s happiest being held.  The kids held him on and off all of yesterday afternoon and evening.  Popcorn never even laid a tooth on them.  Very patient.  He fell asleep on my son’s lap.  And it was such a joy to see him fall asleep on my son’s bed at bedtime.  He (my son) was beside himself with joy.  After a little while, we brought Popcorn down to his crate.  He was great.  Didn’t make a peep until 4:30, and I’m usually up by then, anyway.

So, we’ve now filled that multitude of empty, boring, “what shall we do now?” spaces in our family’s life with a puppy.


Why did God make us able to bond with dogs?

(I’ll put up some pictures this afternoon).


8 thoughts on “Popcorn, Day One

  1. Why did He make us able to bond with dogs?

    My theory is Heaven-foreshadowing. Creatures formerly separated by the Fall will ‘lie down’ together, enjoying peace – no fear. Dogs are a little piece of that promise right here and now. They remind us how good He is and how much fun it will be to be present with Him in the place He’s putting together for us… Yes, I’ve made my love of animals theological…

    Someday it will be like that with cougars too, methinks. 🙂

  2. how does that clean household deal with the mess of a dog? I know that i couldnt do the animal thing, hair, slobber, smells, tracking in dirt and who knows what else. Your a better man than I.

  3. Why did God make able to bond with dogs?

    After God created man and had him name all the animals he split the earth into a great chasm which would always remain between man and the animals, since they were not brothers. But at the last minute, as the gap started to grow the dog jumped over to the other side and sat next to the man , and the Lord decided it was good and let him stay. That is why man and dogs among all the animals are best friends.

    I know it’s not true but I have always liked that story. It used to be told to the North American Indian children as they were growing up as a campfire creation tale.

  4. Congratulations. You have opened your hearts to man’s best friend. I like JP’s story! Dogs have a unique way of loving you no matter what and give much more than they take away. Take lots of pictures…

    Good for you! Great name!

  5. Mr Black…

    My wife is happy about the dog because a) he’s shedless, b) any pooh or pee is tiny, like a small bunny, c) she thinks he’s soooo cute and cuddly in a pathetic way… which he is, d) you can give him a bath and treat him like a little powderpuff.

    Mr Black is referring to my wife’s Monk-like proclivities. (As in the TV show, Monk).


  6. Bill,

    It is interesting that before God made the woman (Eve), he had offered to Adam the animals as companions, but none was found sufficient — see Gen 2:20.

    God therefore created the woman, Eve.

    The woman (Eve) shared with Adam the “Image of God” (Gen 1:26). She was therefore the appropriate, sufficient companion. (Animals are not created in the “Image of God,” although all humans share with animals the “breath of life” from God — see Psalm 104:25-30.) After the Fall we might now argue that such companionships — between men and wommen — have their difficulties! (smile) Even animals suffer, because of the Inner Mess of mankind (i.e., result of the Fall).

    The animals, then, appear to be complementary to our principal relationships, which lie within our family (man & woman unit). Although the dog was an unclean animal under the conditions of the Mosaic Law (see Lev 11:26), the dog (and cat) was a domesticated animal that appears to have been a common pet in ancient Egypt. This may explain why you will not find an observing, Orthodox Jewish family that has a dog or cat as a pet today!

    See http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/dogs.htm


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