Top Sitcoms…

What are your favorite sitcoms of all time?  Here are mine:

The Dick Van Dyke Show. This is my all time favorite.  150 episodes.  I love the chemistry between Rob and Laura.  Excellent scripts.  My favorite episode is the one where they’re in a haunted cabin in the woods.  My next favorite is the one with the aliens and walnuts.  And then the famous one where Laura accidentally blows up the raft.  Margi bought me dvd’s of this series.  This series shows that you can have funny stuff that’s actually clean.  Great supporting characters with Buddy, Sally, Pickles, Mel, and Alan.  When Mel walked in the room, you just waited for Buddy’s, “Yecchh!”

I Love Lucy. Sheer comic genius.  I understand that Ricky was actually the brains behind the outfit, but Lucy stole the show.  There will never be a better comic bit than Lucy doing Vita-mita-vegamin.  I loved their road trip episodes, and all the episodes in Hollywood.  The one where Lucy gave birth to little Ricky is a classic.  Even though Ricky didn’t have the best voice in the world, he knew how to entertain.  Some of the best had big song and dance routines.  How about the one where Lucy put on the big fruit hat and did her own Carmen Miranda?   I still watch these episodes and laugh.  My kids like them too.  Oh… how about the one in the candy store!  Sure beats another reality show, don’t you think?

The Andy Griffith Show. Who wouldn’t want to live in Mayberry?  Don Knotts made the show.  “Gotta nip it, nip it, nip it in the bud…”  (warning Andy to correct Opie’s bad behavior).  I always like the episodes when Andy outsmarted the state police and caught a really bad guy.  Best episodes had Andy on guitar and someone singing.  Aunt Bea was beautiful and sweet.  How many TV shows today would let their characters go to church and sing real hymns?

These shows touched the heart and tickled the funny bone and elevated values like marriage, family, patriotism, friendship, and integrity.  Anything like that out there today?

What are your favorites?


8 thoughts on “Top Sitcoms…

  1. Very funny – yeah! However, Andy flew the coop and is no longer available. I was looking forward to laughing at it too.

  2. My vote for the best situation comedy of all time: “Leave It To Beaver.” Beaver’s brother had a buddy, Eddie Haskell – who was the best comedy character of all time. I think everybody knew a real Eddie Haskell!

    And I guess “The Andy Griffith Show” would be a close second. It’s interesting to realize Andy was really the straight man to all the town’s screwballs – Barney, Floyd the Barber, Gomer Pyle, Otis the Town Drunk, etc.

    I used to like “The Danny Thomas Show” and “The Phil Silvers Show,” but I don’t know if they’d be as funny if I watched them again today.

  3. It’s 156 episodes, to be exact. It is the best. My favorite episode, though, is “Coast to Coast Big Mouth,” where Laura tells the nation that Allan Brady wears a toupee. When Allan talks to the plastic heads, it’s hilarious.
    A close second, although I’m considering making it number one because they kept up the quality for so long, is “Frazier.” They combined slapstick with situational comedy better than anyone. When Niles carried around a 5 lb. bag of flour to see if he could care for a baby, I lost it.
    I never failed to get at least one big guffaw at every episode of “Barney Miller.”
    Thanks to WKRP, I laugh every time I see a turkey.
    Both Newharts were great.
    “The Office” will be one of my all-time favorites, because I have worked with every single one of those characters.
    Here’s the one you will probably edit out, Bill, but hear me out. “The Honeymooners” set the standard for so much of what was to come in sitcoms. I know he’s a bully and he’s abusive, but it never got him anywhere. And if you want to point out character flaws, Andy Taylor was just as bad. Think how he solved every problem: he lied, about the quality of his house, about Barney rescuing him from a cave, about Barney’s singing voice, about Barney chasing illegal vendors from Mayberry. It’s political corruption, I tells ya. Sorry for the Andy diatribe, but the show bugs me.

  4. BTW, Bill, is your season 5 disc set of the DVD show defective? Every copy of that season I’ve seen doesn’t work correctly.

  5. Matt…yep, the honeymooners were hysterical, too. always manages to get a good laugh out of me.

  6. I have a pretty tough timing skipping any re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond, parts of that show could have been filmed in my living room.

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