Kiss Father’s Day Goodbye…

Another sign of the times…

Politically correct educators in Scotland have banned kids from making Father’s Day Cards.  Political correctness run amok.  Administrators didn’t want to offend sensitive children who have no dad or who live with lesbian couples.  Here’s the story.

I’m in favor of banning kids from saying the days of the week.  I’m offended by references to pagan gods like Thor (Thursday) and Odin (Wedensday).  Can I sue?

God help us.


3 thoughts on “Kiss Father’s Day Goodbye…

  1. The upside to this is that I might not ever have to hear “Dads and Grads!” again. As in “Walmart has all the best gifts for Dads and Grads!!!”

    Man, I hate that.

    but I’m prematurely cranky.

  2. It’s difficult to take a story like that seriously when the link leads to a page that also has the headline, “College girls banned from whistling at builders.” That also leads to another story in the same paper about men treating women politely. It contains this quote: “half of women say men have little concept of social etiquette, politeness or courtesy.” What I want to know is, which half of the woman is saying that?

  3. Things like that have a way of sorting themselves out. The Russian name for the first day of the week refers to Christ’s resurrection.

    I’m guessing that teachers reading this are relieved that Americans don’t celebrate Father’s Day until summer vacation.

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