The Weirdest Season

How weird is our family’s life right now?

  • Today, I’m getting a TYPHOID shot.  It goes along with the Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Malaria… and all the other shots I’m getting in preparation for a trip to Africa.  I’ll be speaking to a group of missionaries in Bongolo on a retreat.  But, I’m off to get my shots!  Weird.
  • We live in SMOKE.  Northern California is ablaze right now.  Blame it on a freak electrical storm.  Over 1,000 lighting strikes hit the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area–8 minutes from our house.  We watched as lighting stuck the mountain tops around us.  Quite a show.  But now,  100 forest fires burn, most in inaccessible ravines where there are no roads and no way to fight the fire.  It’s okay, except for the smoke.  We’re in the north end of a valley–and we have fires burning at every compass heading.  However the wind blows, it blows smoke our direction.  People with breathing problems have been advised to stay indoors.  We’ve kept the smell out of the house, but it’s a losing battle.  We’re looking at air purifiers.  The views are gone.  Ash falls on our cars.
  • Margi and I are taking turns sleeping in the living room with POPCORN so at least one of us can get a good night’s sleep.  One of us is in charge of the puppy.  The other is in charge of the kids.  Pathetic, isn’t it.
  • I’m out of coffee.  Extra pathetic.  I found an old mini-bag of Yuban and made it.  Yucch.
  • Hammy is fine, but he hides in the tube when we try to play with him.
  • Mike finished our alarm.  Thanks Mike.  When we built our house, I bought an alarm system online.  I prewired the doors and house for motion sensers, door sensers, fire sensors, phone connections, sirens, etc.  Then, when it came time to install the system, I was in waaaaay over my head.  The manuals were too technical, and the wiring was too confusing.  In steps Mike, who owns an alarm company, to finish the wiring.  How gracious!  And we’re so appreciative.  And comforted knowing that any bad guys will get a rude awakening.
  • We live in a dust bowl.  Ron & Steve are putting in a driveway.  It’s been gravel for 2 years, and now we’re putting in asphalt.  We decided to wait till petroleum products were priced higher than ever before.  Hah!  Most days either a bulldozer or cement trucks (for curbing), or other workers are starting around 7:00 a.m.
  • My book is proceeding.  Some very kind people agreed to write a forward and various endorsements–you know, the stuff you see on the back cover from some famous person who encourages you to buy the book.  It’s really humbling, and I’m very grateful.
  • My shoulder hurts; a side effect from the first shots–I can’t lift my right arm without a line of owie-ness running from my shoulder up my neck to my ear.  Waaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!  And I have to get a TYPHOID shot today.   Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!
  • Our kids are beautiful.  And bored with summer.
  • I tried to change the thermostat in my Blazer, but couldn’t.  I needed metric deep sockets.  I bought a set at Harbor Freight, and changed it no problem.  Still leaked.  So I put in Alumaseal.  Still leaked.  So I looked at the radiator connections.  I don’t have a good history changing radiators.  So I brought it in and spent $221.00 on a rebuilt.  Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  • The kids are in Karate and enjoy it.  Our daughter (age 7) will do dance camp soon.  Our son will have surgery this fall (remove a lump) and our daughter will have braces this summer.  Stuff we never planned on…
  • And we have boxes and stuff strategically stacked so Popcorn doesn’t get into the living/dining room area where he likes to do toilet duty.  So moving from one side of the house to the other requires climbing over stuff.
  • We had a Luau with 54 people at our house, and a French dinner cancelled and turned to hamburgers, and a Transformer party coming up for our son’s 5.5 birthday.
  • Church is going really well;  a very minor summer slump, but nothing like previous years.  And God is working…
  • Through our weirdest season.

7 thoughts on “The Weirdest Season

  1. What a very intimate look into the life of the “perfect pastor and his flawless family.” Good to know you have an “ordinary” life like the rest of us congregants!! Except yours sounds a bit more “exciting” right now!

    California is gasping for fresh air – the ENTIRE state!! I haven’t seen anything but smoke for days, from Visalia to Santa Rosa! Heard yesterday there were about 1000 fires going on and there had been between 5000-6000 lightning strikes. Amazing, isn’t it?

    God is still good all the time…

  2. Uff da. Yeah, not sure which is worse – the Typhoid or the Tetanus… Even hugs can cause tears! It’ll be worth it though.

    The land and people of Africa are so amazingly beautiful… Gabon is just southeast on the ‘curve’ from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, old stomping grounds for my family, also via missions. May the Lord Himself – and the message of His Grace – go with you and before you, in strength, as you continue His work in that place.

  3. Bill, I hope you’re not going to Africa before the Black family visits California next month! We were going to stop in and see you, meet Margi (she’s a great writer, like you), and introduce our kids to yours. Fires or no fires, we’re coming west, and we want to see you.

    Terry and VL

  4. Bill…

    Here in San Antonio the heat is very bearable, because there is little to no humidity (because of the drought).

    As you say, Bill, “pick your poison.” 🙂


  5. Cheri: I’d love to hear from you via email!! Since I don’t want to put it on the blog for the entire universe to see, I’ll give my permission to Dr. G to give it to you, if he would be so kind to do so!!

    What’s it like being a “match maker,” Dr. G? I suppose the purpose of your blog is to connect people, so – please connect us? Thanks!

  6. My valley down here in the “east bay” is choked in smoke. It’s like a fog, but it smells like camping.

    I can’t imagine being so surrounded as yourselves. Godspeed in the crazy fire-ness.

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