It’s Not A Vacation Yet…

Today smells really smoky. President Bush will tour our fires today! Maybe I’ll get to say hello.

I’m sitting at the new Redding, YAKS, one of the nicest coffee shops I have ever sat in, anywhere. The walls are covered with very cool art. Every table and chair has personality. The colors create the feel of old Victorian Parlor meets 21st century chic.

And the coffee… the dark roast from the brew bar… is amazing. Really strong and smooth. And I am working. Everybody I see says, “How’s your vacation going?” It hasn’t started yet.

This week, I’m preparing eight (that’s 8) talks for my Africa trip. I’ll be speaking to missionaries in Gabon at their annual retreat, called Field Forum. I’ll also visit our hospital in Bongolo. In addition, I’m preparing 8 Powerpoint presentations to go along with them, and 8 printed lessons (fill in the blanks), at 4-5 pages per lesson. It’s called OVERCOMING GRACE DEFICIT DISORDER and is based on Ruth with a little Galatians thrown in. Here’s a sample page… I’m preparing about 40 pages like this. I hope it’s a total blessing to our missionaries in Gabon.

gabonhandout1 (click for the .pdf file)

Plus, I’m finishing my shots, and getting together all the stuff I need for Africa. Plus, preparing for an upcoming trip to Chicago.

Plus, I received the author’s proof of HOW TO KEEP YOUR INNER MESS FROM TRASHING YOUR OUTER WORLD. It’s so exciting, I can’t stand it. This is my last crack at it… only minor changes allowed. It’s so cool to see your own writing in what actually looks like a book. So, that’s on my plate this week and next. In addition, I have to collect a few more endorsements and a forward from those who so graciously agreed to do them. The deadline is July 30. The book will come out in March ’09. Sign up for the newsletter (top right, click the mobster) and I’ll inform you when it’s released.

Then, I wrote 5 men’s devotionals for Stand Firm magazine… one day, I’ll collect them and we’ll do our own men’s devotional at Neighborhood Church.

Then, I had several meetings to handle church stuff, including trying to find our next venue, and some other things.

Oh, my wife’s computer gave up the ghost, though I was able to download her harddrive onto mine via firewire. Anyhoo… it’s not vacation… not yet. Not till the last week of August. That will be my vacation week. But… what’s great is that God’s grace is here for me and it is sufficient. But please, please, please, don’t ask how my vacation’s going. Remember, just because pastors aren’t preaching, it doesn’t mean they’re not working… if you got all that.

My daughter got braces! My son learned to swim! Both are enjoying Karate. My son got his first stripe; he’s a total natural and he gets it, and my daughter is super-jealous, and extra motivated! Pray that she can memorize “Short Form 1” and get her stripe too. It’s been great processing disappointment and jealousy and stuff like that. She’s a most determined little girl! She’s excited about her braces… we call them “tooth jewelry” and can’t wait to have a beautiful smile like her mom’s.


5 thoughts on “It’s Not A Vacation Yet…

  1. Is the dollhouse all set up? Did you actually follow the instructions….?

    I promise I won’t ask how your vacation is going until the last week in August!

    Good to hear from you. I thought you were on vacation and was going to ask how it was going…..

  2. Your talk for Africa sounds wonderful!
    A little advice for Chicago….don’t try and eat all your favorites in a few days…can end up in major GI distress. I learned the hard way.

    We’ll be praying for you and your family while you’re away. Can’t wait to hear about all your travels.

    Am I missing the wiseguys letter?

  3. As a pastor’s wife, I agree with what you said about just because a pastors not preaching, it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t working. Pastoral work is a difficult thing to define. And the hours are just as vague.

    Oh, and if ya like, you could add me to your “Authors represented by Books and Such Literary Agency” 🙂
    and my blog (which you’ve visited before, I recall you leaving a comment)


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