Travel 1

Very tired right now.  We have 6 checked pieces of luggage.  Heavy stuff, including 2 footlockers. Four of the six contain gifts and conference items for our missionaries to Africa–it’s the most secure way to get them stuff.  Josh and I put the “lug” in luggage.  We had an overnight in Chicago, of all places, and fly to Paris (2 hours, not enough time) and then Gabon later today.  Stayed in the hippest, coolest hotel ever, called the Aloft Hotel.  One week old!  Very cool.  Check out their website.  Clean, very contemporary.  Josh describes it as an Ikea where you sleep the night.  Loved it, except bad coffee, and fake creamer, which is an unpardonable sin in a hip place in this century.  Pray for safe, comfortable journeys and for a great time of refreshment and encouragement of our missionaries to Africa.  I’ll be speaking 8 times on Overcoming Grace Deficit Disorder, from Ruth and a little Galatians thrown in.  I’m out…


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