Post-African Blues

What an amazing adventure!  I just returned from Africa… and have smacked into a huge reality that I never knew existed.

It is utterly impossible to describe life on the mission field.

So much happens every day, that words can’t communicate it.  You have to live it. Here’s a preliminary shot at describing it… I’ll give more in the coming days.  Thanks for your prayers and patience!

  • I visited the nation of Gabon, the cities of Libreville, Lambarene, and Bongolo.
  • Life is good, but life is HARD.
  • The missionaries I met are my heroes.
  • The outreach done in the name of Jesus is truly indescribable.
  • The TV show Survivor just filmed in Gabon.  They called it “the hardest place they’ve ever done Survivor.”
  • I had two main objectives on this trip:
  • Objective one:  speak at an annual gathering/retreat of missionaries.  Encourage them in the Word.  I spoke, from the Book of Ruth, on Overcoming Grace Deficit Disorder.  I taught 9 times in total, and the talks seemed to be well received.
  • Objective two:  visit our denomination’s jungle hospital called the Bongolo Hospital, and become familiar with their work.  The hospital is led by David & Becki Thompson, and launched a ministry called PAACS, training surgeons who will stay in Africa, and will  both heal bodies and share the gospel with patients.
  • The travel is very hard… long lines, long waits, tiny airline seats.  It took us 3 full days of travel to get home.
  • God is doing amazing things.
  • I’m depressed… call it Post African Blues… call it jet-lag.  Pray for me.
  • I’m super proud of my wife for holding down the fort and my precious kids for sharing Daddy with Africa…
  • Thank you to everybody who prayed for me and Josh on this amazing trip.  And thanks to the incredible team of missionaries in Gabon!  You guys are amazing!
  • More to come…

7 thoughts on “Post-African Blues

  1. We are all glad you are back, we missed you. Relax, recover and recharge, we all look forward to learning from what you have experienced on your journey.

  2. Welcome home, Dr. G, we sure missed maxgrace while you were gone – actually was in Redding last weekend!! Hot, hot, hot!!!

    Can’t wait to read what you have to tell us about Africa. I’m glad you experienced God’s blessings and power on your trip. Jet lag is a drag, but it does pass – just takes a bit longer as one ages…..sorry!

  3. Yayyy! You’re back online!

    Praying for rest and that the Joy of the Lord is your strength 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you were able to experience a bit of our world & see how God is working in a part of Africa. Even though the setting is so different from the USA, HE is the same! We praise Him that you all are partnering together with us & our brothers & sisters in Christ on this side of the ocean. Thanks for supporting & praying for us in Guinea & Gabon. I’m praying for you as you process all He is teaching you. Thanks for your teaching that has encouraged me so much.

  5. That post-trip emotional slump is a very normal thing. Hang in there. We are proud of you for braving the bugs and wildlife. We know that nature is not one of your favorite things. I am sure the missionaries were helped by your ministry.

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