Manly Breakfast Recipe

I’ve had this a few times recently, and thought I’d share the recipe.  It’s a manly breakfast.


  • Tater tots (frozen)
  • Polish sausage–like Hillshire Farm.  The more chunks of bone and cartilage and hoof, the more manly.
  • Pepper… I mean cayenne red pepper and/or white pepper (like they use at Chu’s)… anything hot


  1. Cut up the polish sausage into 1/2 L size (L=Lugnut)
  2. Cover… to avoid an argument with your wife later… (“You spattered polish grease all over the stove!”)
  3. Fry them till they start to brown, and flip ’em.
  4. Pepper time… 1/4 L to 1/2 L, depending on U… (U=Ulcer-size)
  5. Tater-tot time… same amount as polish sausage.
  6. Keep frying.  After they get a little less frozen, smush in half with the end of your flipper tool.
  7. More pepper time… to bowel tolerance.
  8. Keep frying.
  9. Flip during commercials.
  10. What makes this healthy is that the tater tots soak up all the grease.
  11. To make it healthier, don’t add salt.  (Trust me on this; there’s plenty in the polish sausage).
  12. Make it crispy.
  13. Dump it.
  14. Eat it.

Do not mess with this recipe.  It’s perfect as is.  Others will be tempted to add green peppers or onions.  THESE ARE VEGETABLES!!!!  They will girl-up the recipe.



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  1. I see the “humor” category is listed for this post, but as I stand here in my kitchen having almost completed this recipe I’m still waiting for whatever humorous event might occur. How long must I wait?


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