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I’ve tried for a week to upload some of my video from Africa to YouTube, but no success.  I keep getting a “communication error.”  It works for an hour or so, and quits!   Aaaaarghhh….  It says that I timed out and am not connected to the internet, even though I am.  I’ll keep working on it.

Mandji Church Kids, Gabon

But one of the nurses at the Bongolo Hospital, Lisa Nicky, whom I met at the Field Forum, posted this video.  It shows the hospital, the doctors and nurses, and one of the churches the hospital helped plant.  She created this video after Josh Thompson, the pastor of our church’s Weaverville Outpost (an extention campus of my church), taught a worship at the African retreat, to missionaries, about how to make videos!  He did an excellent job, and here’s Nicky’s first video. I was at most of the places she shows, except I went to a different church on Sunday… I’ve included some of those still pictures. For me, the church visit was the highlight of the trip.  Three years ago, two people from this remote village in Mandji, received Christ at the hospital while undergoing treatments.  Dave and Becki Thompson, the chief surgeon and nursing teacher of the hospital, planted a church with them.  The day we went, 120 people attended!  Wow!!!!   What an honor!  I’ll post more later.  The adult classroom, by the way, is part of the nurse-training

Mandji Church Kids, Gabon

school at the hospital!


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