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Here’s another video of our missions trip to Africa.  Josh Thompson, one of the pastors in our church, grew up in the Bongolo Hospital in Gabon.  His dad, David (a surgeon) and his mom, Becki (a nurse), founded the hospital 30+ years ago.  Today it’s a 120 bed hospital with an AIDS clinic, dental clinic, eye clinic, shot clinic… They teach surgerical students, nursing students, and midwife students.  It was a truly humbling and inspiring visit.  This video was my first experiment with this software, so be nice.  We did NOT show this video at church…  Enjoy…

Here’s how I introduced my sermon this past weekend…

Thirty two years ago Dave and Becki Thompson landed in the middle of an African jungle and did a miracle.  They left American comfort behind.  They gave up what could have been huge riches as a surgeon and nurse in America.  They gave up drinkable water, air conditioning, grocery stores, and nice restaurants.
What did they get instead?  Bugs.  Snakes.  Humidity.  Dirt.  Bumpy roads.  Endless hours.  Hard work.
They built a hospital, a surgical school, nursing school, midwife school.  An AIDS clinic, dental clinic, and eye clinic, pediatric care clinic, and shot clinic.
They’ve built churches with their own hands.  Evangelized young people who have become pastors and missionaries.
They raised a family in Africa…
They raised up a team of missionaries and surgeons and doctors and nurses in Africa.
And they raised up the name of Jesus Christ in a place that would have never heard.  Every person they treat, they pray for.  They share Christ with.  They serve and heal and love in Jesus’ name.
I can’t tell you how great it was to have spent time with Dave and Becki and Josh–who grew up there–and the whole team of missionaries in Gabon.
And, they’re happy.  They don’t drag around, moping about all they’ve give up for Jesus.  Because Dave and Becki and every missionary I met illustrate two principles that keep surfacing all throughout the history of Christianity, and all throughout the Bible:
1. The church’s prime directive is to do whatever it takes to share Jesus and his saving work with every person we can…
2. That you can’t outgive God… God returns any sacrifice that we make to share Christ… not in money, but in a deep-down satisfaction that money can’t buy.
Thank you for sending me.

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  1. Beautiful, Dr. G! It was wonderful sharing just a “bit” of Gabon with you. I’m the most excited about what your last comments were: “The church’s prime directive to do whatever it takes to share Jesus and His saving work with every person we can…” This “sacrifice” is worth every, single bit of it!! Praise God!

    Also, just had to comment you’re one big spider warrior, armed with “gas,” saving the planet from all those arachnids! And one with an egg sack, ta boot! I wonder if you had any bridges in Gabon…..

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