Update on Son’s Surgery

For all who have prayed for our son’s surgery today, thank you.  The lump in his throat was removed without complication and with no problems and no signs of anything bad, or any future problems.  A simple surgery–a “chip shot” said the surgeon.  He’ll spend the nite in the hospital (in San Fran) and home tomorrow.  Thank you for praying, and thank you, Heavenly Father.


5 thoughts on “Update on Son’s Surgery

  1. Praise God, again, for His care and blessing upon your son. Not much has the ability to push us “over the edge” than having a problem with our precious children, is there? So glad to hear it was nothing.

  2. Awesome !

    Having been through it I know that you and Margy will sleep better without the worry of what it might have been…

    When he is ready to give that fishing pole a work out let me know, we will put him on his first fish!!

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