Sick and Tired of…

Politics. I’m sick and tired of politics.  Are you?  I hit a wall today.  Political overload.  Californians can sign up for permanent “abstentee ballot” status.  I did that years ago.  I received my ballot last week, and just filled it out, and sealed it up.

I’m finished.  Done.  Hallelujah.  

This has been the most contentious, polarizing election of my (short) lifetime, and I can’t wait for the campaigning to be over.  So, I’m done.  Yeah, I’ll keep watching the news.  I’ll keep up to date with what’s going on.  But I can’t take any more.  So, please vote, if you’re legally registered.  Vote early, vote once.  That’s it. Finis. 

No more politics… and in honor of my own personal Political Independence Day… no comments on today’s blog!!!!!  

Thank you Jesus!  And America, Bless God so that God can Bless America.