Analog-Digital Conversion

Pass this video along to your parents and grandparents so their TV doesn’t go blank.  Full instructions on how they obtain and install the conversion box.

How come I relate to the sweet old lady?


3 thoughts on “Analog-Digital Conversion

  1. I fancy myself somewhat tech savvy. At the least, I am technologically literate. I can get our computer all set up and get the wireless network established. I had an antenna, a DVD player, a 5-disc CD player and a VCR connected to our older (co-ax) TV set. I have an auxiliary plug running from the disc changer so that I can hook up our laptop (iTunes) or an iPod.

    This conversion absolutely stumped me, though. We got the coupons, the converter boxes, and still were apparently missing equipment. It got very frustrating.

    We now subscribe to a basic ($25) Dish package.

  2. As Homer Simpson might say, “It’s funny, because she’s old and senile.”

    As far as you relating to her, Bill, it’s all due to the feminization of our society caused by the current political….AAAH, just kidding. It’s a joke, Steve.

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