Monday Stuff

Our church offers 8 “services” each weekend.  I speak live at 4… this wears me out.  Then 2 services offer my same sermon via the miracle of technology (video) on the same weekend, and one offers the service a weekend after I preach it (45 minutes away–we can’t get the video there in time…).  At the Well, our service for young adults, Todd Skinner is the regular speaker.  Except for this current series–they’re sticking with the videos thru our ministry expansion campaign.

I spoke on the centrality of the gospel.  Click here to see it, hear it, or read it.  Sermons are posted usually by Wednesday.  I gave an invitation to receive Christ, and 21 people responded!  

It’s Monday, so pardon me for being discombobulated.  Oh, I think the Bears won!!! Woo-hoo!

This video is just for fun, from Dick A.  


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