Man Cold 2008

I am getting a man cold.  My dear wife has been struggling with her petite, ladies’ cold for a few days, and I have been dutifully sympathetic.  Now, my throat is raw, my stomach is “juicy”, as my kids say when they have intestinal problems, and I’m very, very tired.  I preach tomorrow and Sunday, four times in all.  My main concern is that my voice holds out.  

So I’m asking you for two things:

1.  Pity.  Intense, overly dramatic pity.  I am a man.  I have a cold.  Do the math.  If something happens, I want you to know it has been a pleasure to have known you through my blog.  Farewell, for I am going to a better place.

2.  Prayer.  Which is more important than number 1, but I think number 1 (pity) will make me feel better faster, except I can’t say that because it would get me in a lot of trouble with churchy people who have an oversized sense of humorlessness.

Pity and prayer.  Is that asking too much?  

For all who missed it the first time, how about a reprise of the man cold classic….


9 thoughts on “Man Cold 2008

  1. I’m so sorry, poor, little bunny! However, I will be praying for you for the weekend sermons. As long as you can squeak out your voice, your words will be glorious!

  2. I can empathize. My husband gave me his “man cold” from last week. I found that Patriot tickets cures the cold the night before the game; however, the cold resurfaces several hours post game where pity is again much needed. Having the winning team attenuates the virus; but only for the man. He can still pass virus particles better than Tom Brady on a good day! 🙂

    Praying you feel much better, soon 🙂

  3. Our three-and-a-half year old son had some blood work done the other day as part of a well check. So he had a band-aid on his arm covering the place where the needle entered.

    That evening, he refused to give full hugs. He insisted that his right arm remain straight and stiff. “I have to take care of my band-aid, daddy.”

    I was relating his hypersensitivity to my wife later in the evening. She laughed with me, and then let me know that the way he treats his arm is directly correlated to me when I have a cold.


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