The Perfect Christmas Gift

messcoverI just got the green light to unleash my book on an unsuspecting world… The title is How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World. 

Here’s the pitch:

If you’ve ever wondered about your dark side, here’s the book for you.  You’ll find clear steps…

  • To tame the motley crew within:  your Inner Control Freak, Liar, Brat, and Manipulator…
  • To hit the W.W.J.D. target more times than you miss it…
  • To form satisfying relationships and a healthy family life…
  • To succeed inside so you can you succeed in the marketplace, at school, or at home…
  • To rein in the creepy forces that sabotage your joy…
  • To understand Jesus and the life he offers…
  • To get off the legalistic treadmill of duty, guilt, and shame!

It’s time to rummage through the world of your Inner Mess.  All our spiritual malfunctions spill out from a single debris-pile called the flesh. Few Christians know how to handle this raucous force within.  The more we fight it, the worse we fail.  You can change that today. How to Keep Your Inner Mess From Trashing Your Outer World gives new hope and fresh insight to draw on the incredible resources God has provided.  In a rare blend of real-life theology and quick-witted humor, this book helps any reader find the peace and happiness God created you for. 

The books have arrived in the U.S., from England, and are at the American distributor’s warehouse.  I will have copies to send out within a week.  

It’s really humbling and exciting all at once.  I have to say, that when the publisher sent me copies, I picked one up and read it.  You have to understand that I hadn’t read the book in months, almost half a year.  Some parts of the book, I hadn’t really thought about for almost a year–that’s how long the process takes.  So when I read the book with fresh eyes, I was totally pumped.  

I had forgotten half of what I put in there.  It was a little bit like reading it for the first time.  I honestly thought, “If I were a pastor [which I am], I would be so excited to get this material into my people’s hands.”  Honestly thrilled.  If you follow the blog here, you know I get psyched about seeing Christians grow toward maturity. How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World lays out a consistent, biblical, coherent, real-world theology and practice of spiritual growth.  Grace-oriented spiritual growth, I should say.

And I’d like to humbly, respectfully, and proudly suggest that INNER MESS would look marvelous under your friend’s Christmas tree.  

Unless INNER MESS becomes hugely successful, and God in his providence can certainly make that happen, there’s not a whole lot of money in books these day.  But I do want you to know that a portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to our church’s ministry expansion fund (Building on Grace), to help create a strong home base to share Jesus with our region and the world for generations to come. Margi and I are still praying over the numbers, but we’re definitely stretching ourselves.  


Here’s the Table of Contents:

Part One:  Meet Your Inner Mess 

Chapter 1 Your Inner Mess 

Chapter 2 Your Inner Sinner 

Chapter 3 Your Inner Saint 

Chapter 4 Your Inner Jerk 

Chapter 5 Your Inner Dummy 

Chapter 6 Your Inner Brat 

Chapter 7 Your Inner Thug 

Chapter 8 Your CIA Agent 

Part Two: Make It Stop Trashing Your Outer World 

Chapter 9 Grace 

Chapter 10 The Cross 

Chapter 11 The Galvanized Life 

Chapter 12 Faith 

Chapter 13 Community 

Chapter 14 The Grace Drill 

Chapter 15 Two Scripts 

Chapter 16 The Secret Weapon 

Chapter 17 Frequently Asked Questions 

Chapter 18 Inner Mess Glossary 


The chapters on Grace (9) and the Cross (10) contain a clear gospel presentation.  Though I aimed the book at Christians, I tried to make it really clear that there is no sanctification with Christ, without salvation.  And I tried to make it as winsome and appealing toward seekers as possible.  

Oh… the Inner Mess website looks really cool; it will be up, hopefully, in a week or two.  You’ll be able to download a FREE 37 PAGE study guide.  It basically repeats the questions that are already in the book, but it gives you space to write in, and it looks cool.  I really wanted small groups or Sunday School classes to be able to work together through this stuff.  The website contains a lot of other stuff, and I’ll need your help to fill it in.  More details when we have the site up and running.  

One of my favorite parts of the Website (and the book) is a list of recommended resources for your spiritual growth: books, websites, and articles.  I’d like to ignite a fire for growth toward maturity among God’s people.  I might not agree with every author on my list, and they might not agree with me, but we agree enough that God’s people can and should be mature through His Word and His Spirit.  That’s good enough for me.

If you’ve read this far, then I feel good about asking you for two favors:  First, would you please pray for God’s power to rest on this book?  I really believe it has the potential to change lives and to deliver confused Christians from a lifetime of bondage, legalism, and frustration.  I also believe it can open the door of salvation for lots and lots of readers.  So please pray.

And, would you also please recommend the INNER MESS to someone you care about?  I don’t have a big budget to “market” the book, and publishers today expect authors to do most of the marketing. So, I’ve got to rely on “word of mouth.”  If you find the book helpful, please tell somebody about it.  Or ask your local bookseller to carry it.  (It should be in Barnes & Noble, Christian bookstores, and online sellers before Easter ’09.)

Here’s where you can order yours.



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Gift

  1. I am so excited for you!!! I am also very excited that I get to do some of my christmas shopping at church!!! Congrats!

  2. Very cool! I can’t wait to get my hands on the books! I’ve already emailed my 1st order!

    Your comments about reading the book after 6 months is something I can relate to. My experience is as a songwriter. I go back and listen to a song, after a while, and it’s always with fear and trepidation. It’s a great relief to discover that I still like the song.

    Must be nice to have an editor to blame things on 🙂

  3. Bill,
    As I read this article, an excitment came over me that I’m not even sure I can explain. As I sat in that Chicago Church Sunday after Sunday listening to your sermon series on the inner mess, I knew it was something special because of what it was doing to me. I was under your teaching for over 10 years, and I learned alot and I grew alot in that time, however the inner mess series you taught (now a book) was one of the most influential segments of my Christian growth. I am so grateful to God that He gave you the gift of teaching, and strength of Grace. I am proud of you that you took that gift and passed your knowledge on to me as well as many others. Now it’s time for the world to see just who Bill Giovannetti is and just how God can use “normal” people to do great things! I can’t wait for the book to come out, and I better get an autographed copy haha.
    Kim Homula

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