Pray & Give

Sometimes I feel a tiny fraction of what Jesus felt when he touched so many people in need and couldn’t help them all.  Every week, I pray through four pages or more of prayer requests for our church.  Health.  Relationships.  Finances.  Pain.  Fear.  And, thankfully, some reports along the way of how God answered prayer.  It’s humanly impossible to get to them all, but God can do it.  

Randy Miller is a friend and used to be one of our church drummers before God opened a door for him to be a rock star.  As the drummer for the Myriad, he has touched thousands of lives with the message of grace.  Now he’s in a great struggle:  he has a rare bone cancer that has spread in his body.  It’s a life or death struggle.  Here’s a video.  Pray for him and his beautiful family.  

And pray for so many other men and women and children in the same boat, whose names you might not know, but whose sufferings are just as real.  I know Randy and his family would love that.    

And count your blessings.


4 thoughts on “Pray & Give

  1. Ember.



    These guys had a huge influence on a whole group of kids, including mine, which continues to bear fruit to this day. God bless all of them.

    They are in my prayers.

  2. Dear Merciful God, Our Father,

    You, who knows when a sparrow falls,
    You, who knows the hairs on our head,
    You, who gave Your one and only Son,
    You, who hold this family in Your hand,

    Send Your Mercy, like rain,
    Send Your Healing, like a river,
    Send Your Presence, in power,
    Send Your Grace, Send Your Grace.

    Because of Jesus,

    (Bill, please keep us updated.)

  3. Adaline, I’m not Bill, but I can update a bit. His cancer is at stage 4. He was scheduled to start chemo Monday, but there were some holdups, so hopefully they’ve got it going now. He’s got a hard fight coming.

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