Inner Mess Almost Sold Out!

messcoverA big thank you to everybody who picked up a copy of How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World. I’m almost sold out.  It’s really humbling and gratifying, especially since I kept fretting to Margi that nobody’s gonna buy the book, and I ordered too many.

I will have copies this weekend at church, and a fresh batch in time for next weekend.

I’ve got “my guys” working on three “book trailers.”  These are short videos to help promote the book.  I’ll post them here when they’re done… should be very fun.  

SPECIAL SHIPPING DEAL:  If you want to order books in time for Christmas, I’ll pay to upgrade the shipping to FIRST CLASS mail (or PRIORITY, my choice) so you can get them in time for Christmas.  I can only do this for orders of one or two books, and only if the order is placed through this site.  If you want more books, email me, and I can find out the fast shipping costs.  I can autograph or inscribe… just email me after you place your order (or use the comment box when you place the order).  This site lets you pay by YOUR CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL.

The Inner Mess website,, is almost done.  Check it out.

I really believe in this book’s message.  It’s a primer in living like Jesus… actually doing the WWJD lifestyle.  It teaches how to corral the crazy forces in our souls.  It shows how to “grace the flesh.”  And it outlines the entire gospel. Please pray with me that God will use it to deliver, save, and bless many people.



1.  Pastor John Stumbo, young, fit, marathon runner, really good guy, in our sister church in Salem, OR.  Mystery disease that has held him near death for a couple of weeks.  Click here.  

2. Randy Miller, young fit, strong, drummer for the Myriad.  Used to drum at our church before he became a rock star.  Great guy.  Bad cancer.  Uphill fight.  Click here.

3. Unspoken request (old-timers know what that means).

4. On Tuesday (Dec 9), another book proposal goes before a publication committee for consideration.  Please pray that they’ll want to jump on it.  Yet another is in the pipeline at other publishers.  Please pray for God’s timing TO SPEED UP. Actually, pray for God to graciously open doors as he sees fit. And for the Inner Mess book to do extremely well.


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  1. Pastor Bill,

    I review and help promote Christian books online at my blog. I’d love to find out how to obtain a copy for review purposes. If this is possible, please contact me at thedeena63 @ hotmail . com and view my blog at A Peek At My Bookshelf

    God bless!

    Deena Peterson
    Independent Reviewer Totally Dependent Upon Jesus

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